Wednesday 20 December 2023

Today`s birthday, Pratama Arhan even left Azizah Salsha to defend the national team in Turkey


Pratama Arhan is celebrating his 22nd birthday today, Thursday (21/12). Unfortunately, he had to miss this special moment in a LDR with his wife Azizah Salsha. The reason is, Arhan had to leave for Turkey with the Indonesian national football team just the day before his birthday.

A few hours before leaving for Turkey, Pratama Arhan made an exclusive Instagram story which made his fans sad. This content was leaked to TikTok and shared by a number of fan accounts, one of which was @Adelia.

In the original content, Arhan uploaded a photo of him standing behind Azizah. Arhan was standing sideways from the camera with his head down. Meanwhile, Azizah seemed to be sitting and looking at Arhan behind her.

Pratama Arhan and Azizah Salsha. [Instagram] The defender on the football field only put a white heart emoticon between himself and his wife.

Netizens who saw the post were also sad. Moreover, some noticed that Azizah’s eyes looked swollen as if she had just cried. Arhan’s lowered face also looked like he was listless.

The couple’s long distance relationship will certainly last for almost two months. Because, Arhan has to undergo a training camp (TC) in preparation for the 2023 Asian Cup in Turkey until January 6 2024. Next, the national team will head to Qatar to prepare for the Asian Cup which will take place from January 12 to February 10 2024. 

Netizens sympathize with Azizah was willing to let go of her husband to defend the Indonesian national team, so she couldn’t celebrate their birthday together.

“Who isn’t sad when their husband’s birthday ends up having to be in a long distance relationship, zah… just pray zah, because a wife’s prayers have a big influence on her husband. Cheer up, han,” commented netizen account @Koesxxxxx.

“Don’t worry, Zizah, I’m also sad when I see them LDR,” wrote the account @aditxxxx 

“The white emoji means eternal and everlasting affection.. may Allah protect your love until Jannah, amen,” said netizen @Berkaxxxx.

“Be patient, Za, Arhan will definitely come home, I pray that Arhan’s performance will be good and he’ll be more interesting,” said @anggrxxxxx.

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