Wednesday 20 December 2023

Compact, this is the rate for Fuji and Asnawi Mangkualam`s exclusive Instagram content


Fuji and Asnawi Mangkualam both sell exclusive content on their respective personal Instagrams. These two figures who are often linked together turn on the subscribe feature on IG.

It is known that the subscription fee for exclusive Fuji content once reached IDR 68,000 per month. However, now the rates have fallen.

Most recently, based on monitoring results, Thursday (21/12/2023), Fuji, which has 14.5 Instagram followers, charges IDR 7,500 per month for the exclusive content it publishes. Interestingly, Asnawi Mangkualam also charges the same fee.

The captain of the Indonesian National Team also charges an exclusive content subscription rate of IDR 7,500 per month, even though he has far fewer followers than Fuji.

Fans of these two celebrities only need to spend that much money if they want to enjoy the exclusive content they present.

Fuji and Asnawi Mangkualam. [TikTok] For your information, the subscription service is a new feature released by Instagram.

Recently, this feature has been popular with public figures. Many artists, celebrities, Instagram celebrities and athletes have activated this feature on their respective Instagrams.

As the name suggests, exclusive content is intended for social media users who want to subscribe to their idols’ content or uploads. These followers can see special content about their idol by paying every month.

By paying for exclusive content on Instagram, customers will get a round purple badge with a crown in the middle.

They can also chat with their idol artists directly during live sessions via this subscribe feature.

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