Friday 8 December 2023

Keep your motorbike running shiny, prepare these 4 pieces of equipment during the rainy season


The rainy season has arrived. Motorists should have prepared several equipment so that the motorbike remains shiny even when used in the rainy season.

A motorbike that is exposed to rainwater is not good for the future. Inevitably, the motorbike should be cleaned immediately so that it does not cause damage such as corrosion to the electrical system.

To keep the motorbike shiny and safe from damage, motorists should prepare adequate equipment.

Reporting from various sources, there are four pieces of equipment that motorists can carry to keep their motorbikes shiny even when hit by rain.

1. Kanebo and Fiber Wipe

This tool has a vital function during the rainy season. When the motorbike is exposed to rainwater, a chamois and fiber cloth can be used to clean the rainwater that sticks to the motorbike.

If rainwater is left alone, it will of course damage the paint layer and potentially cause rust.

2. Engine Degreaser

This equipment is used to remove stains on the surface of the engine, legs and rims.

If dust or dirt sticks to the surface of the engine or wheel rims, you can use this object.

3. Vehicle Wash Shampoo

Motorbikes that are exposed to rainwater should be washed immediately. This is to avoid the buildup of dirt and corrosive substances. This vehicle washing shampoo can prevent corrosive substances from coming.

4. Polishing Gloss

Vehicle body paint, both matte and glossy, which is continuously exposed to rainwater can experience a decrease in brightness, aka dullness.

This item can keep the motorbike in like-new and shiny condition after using it in the rain.

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