Saturday 25 November 2023

Appearing at Home, Sean Gelael Says APRC 2023 Toba Can Bring Healing


Rally or rally is an outdoor motorsport championship and relies on natural or non-asphalt tracks. You can feel the excitement of the outdoors, with cool landscapes and beautiful panoramas.

This was felt by Sean Gelael, the only son of Rini S. Bono and Ricardo Gelael, who is familiarly called Oom Kadok.

This time he is competing at home or in his homeland, the Lake Toba rally track in the Asia Pacific Rally Championship or APRC 2023 Toba. Apart from the excitement of competing against his father, Oom Kadok, Sean Gelael felt something else.

That is the sensation of the beauty of a calming natural panorama. Or it is said now as an opportunity for healing or healing-healing.

Lake Toba at sunrise (Shutterstock). Quoted from the Antara news agency, Sean Gelael, who competes with sponsor Jagonya Ayam, stated that he often visits Lake Toba, in North Sumatra.

He stated that he was not at all bored with the natural panorama of Lake Toba.

“This is playing rally while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery,” explained the man with a posture of more than 180 cm.

In the same vein, driver Mana Pornsiricherd from India stated that the beauty of Lake Toba was very impressive. Apart from that, the track is also challenging.

“This is the first time I have joined APRC in Indonesia. “Parapat is very beautiful and fun,” he said.

Meanwhile, other international racers taking part in the 2023 Toba APRC Grand Final stated that the track in the Toba Pulp Lestari (TPL) area to Tobasari, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra was quite challenging.

“I think the track here is quite difficult but that’s what we’re looking forward to. Indonesia is extraordinary for bringing its racers to the APRC here. All the racers are quite strong, a good opportunity for us from India to compete,” said Sanjay Takale, a driver from India who down with co-driver Musa Sherif relying on a Toyota C-HR AP4 in Simalungun, Saturday (25/11/2023).

Sean Gelael  when he took off in a rally championship with the Citroen C3 Rally2. (Dok.Jagonya Ayam Motorsport) Same opinion as Mike Young, a racer from New Zealand from the Cusco Racing team, said the track conditions were challenging.

“A big challenge, the track looks quite difficult and it’s raining, so we will drive quite smart, look after our ride and drive fast when the road is good, ” said Mike Young who relies on the Toyota C-HR AP4.

For the record, Lake Toba is one of the country’s legendary rally tracks which was once used to host world drivers and navigators at the 1997 World Rally Championship Rally of Indonesia.

Some of the famous racers and co-drivers who competed on Lake Toba are: Carlos Sainz Sr., Luis Moya, Marcus Gronholm, Harri Rovanpera, Colin McRae, Nicky Grist, Richard Burns, Juha Kankkunen, Tommi Makinen, Kenneth Eriksson, Staffan Palmander, and many more.

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