Thursday 23 November 2023

Bad Impacts of Polishing Car Windows Too Often


Caring for car windows can sometimes be a serious worry. Often, car owners believe that the more often they polish their car windows, the better.

However, the reality can be very different. Polishing car windows too often can have a significant negative impact.

Keeping car windows clean and clear is very important for safety and visibility while driving. But excessive polishing or incorrect technique can damage the glass and even increase the risk of injury in an accident.

Bad Impacts of Polishing Car Windows Too Often

Polishing car windows too often can have a number of negative impacts. First, over time, the glass’s protective layer can be eroded by the chemicals in the polishing product. This makes the glass more susceptible to scratches and damage.

Additionally, if polishing products are used excessively, residue can build up on the glass, causing a blurry effect that impairs visibility while driving.

Improper polishing can also leave stains or spots on the glass. Especially when the polishing product used is not specifically formulated for car windows, or when the cloth used is not clean, this can damage the appearance of the glass.

Over-polished glass can also create security problems. Too much residue from polishing products can blur visibility and make light reflections more intense, which can be distracting to drivers when driving under bright sunlight or street lights.

Frequently excessive maintenance also costs time and money without corresponding benefits. Instead of polishing too often, it’s better to focus on routine maintenance such as washing the windows and using the right wipers.

Caring for your car windows properly will extend the life of the glass and maintain your visibility and safety on the road.

How to Care for Car Glass Properly

Caring for car glass properly is the key to maintaining its clarity and safety. First, avoid frequent polishing.

More often is not always better, and car windows usually only need polishing once every few months. When you do, make sure to use a polishing product specifically designed for car windows, which has a safe formula and doesn’t damage the protective layer of the glass.

Choose the right time to carry out car window maintenance. Avoid doing this in direct sunlight or when the glass is hot.

High temperatures can cause polishing products to dry quickly and leave stains. Use clean, soft equipment and cloths. Always wash your car windows first with clean water and car soap before polishing.

If you want to keep your car windows clean every day, use windshield wipers and cleaning fluid specifically designed for car windows. Make sure the glass is dry before you open the window. With the correct maintenance steps, you can keep your car windows clear and free from damage.

These are the bad effects of polishing car windows too often as quoted from the Suzuki Indonesia page.

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