Monday 20 November 2023

Beware of getting stuck in traffic jams, 107.63 million people are predicted to travel during the Christmas holidays


The Ministry of Transportation through the Transportation Policy Agency (BKT) released the results of an online survey of the potential for community movement during the 2023/2024 Christmas and New Year (Nataru) holidays, which has the potential to cause people to get stuck in traffic jams due to the large number of private vehicles.

It is predicted that the potential for community movement will reach 107.63 million people or 39.83% of the total national population.

“Last year’s Christmas holiday it was predicted that 44.17 million people would move, while this year it was predicted that 107.63 million people would move. So the increase was very significant at over one hundred percent (143.65%),” said Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi , quoted on Tuesday (21/11/2023).

According to the survey results, the highest reason for people to travel during the Christmas holiday is a holiday to a tourist location (45.29%), then a holiday back home (30.15%), and celebrating Nataru in their hometown (18.98%).

Furthermore, the choice of transportation modes used to travel is dominated by the use of private vehicles, namely cars 35.57% (39.97 million people) and motorbikes 17.92% (20.14 million people).

Meanwhile for public transportation, movement is dominated by trains 13.16% (14.79 million people), planes 11.91% (13.38 million people), buses 10.94% (12.29 million people), ferry vessels 6.04% (6.78 million people), and sea vessels 3.44% (3.86 million people).

The Minister of Transportation explained that by looking at the large number of movements to tourist locations and the large use of cars and motorbikes, it is necessary to prepare anticipatory steps to regulate traffic at crucial points.

“We will coordinate intensively with regional governments, the Police, toll road managers, BMKG, the National SAR Agency and other related elements,” said the Minister of Transportation.

Based on the survey results, the 5 (five) regions where the largest movement originates are, first, East Java 16.30% (17.54 million people). Then, Jabodetabek 13.76% (14.81 million people), Central Java 13.21% (14.22 million people), West Java 10.39% (11.18 million people) and North Sumatra 6.93% ( 7.45 million people).

Meanwhile, the 5 (five) largest travel destination areas are, first, East Java 15.18% (16.34 million people). Then, Central Java 13.80% (14.86 million people), West Java 11.62% (12.51 million people), Jabodetabek 9.19% (9.89 million people), and D.I Yogyakarta 8.92% (9.60 million people).

The peak flow of departures is predicted to occur on Saturday 23 December 2023 11.62% (12.5 million people), Saturday 30 December 2023 11.43% (12.31 million people), and Friday 22 December 2023 8 .22% (8.85 million people). Furthermore, the peak return flow is predicted to occur on Tuesday 2 January 2024 18.96% (20.41 million people), Monday 1 January 2024 16.92% (18.21 million people), and Tuesday 26 December 2023 11.16% ( 12.01 million people).

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