Tuesday 21 November 2023

Buy a used car, beware of the triangle fraud mode


The triangular fraud mode in buying and selling used cars is currently widespread in Indonesia. Some victims even lost hundreds of millions of rupiah because they were deceived.

Triangular fraud is a type of crime where the perpetrator or criminal acts as an intermediary. So it’s not just the car buyers who are being cheated, but also the sellers.

In triangle fraud, criminals operate remotely via the internet or via short messages only. He will always avoid meeting in person. To potential buyers, the fraudster will claim to be a car seller.

To carry out their tricks, fraudsters will offer a cheaper price than the original price set by the car owner. The perpetrator will also urge the victim to pay as soon as possible so as not to lose the opportunity to get a used car at a cheap price.

Meanwhile car owners usually don’t know anything if their car has been offered to prospective buyers at a very cheap price. Usually the cars being offered have already been advertised on the internet so they can be exploited by fraudsters.

If the transaction has occurred and the money is transferred to the fraudster’s account, then the buyer will only realize he is a victim when he meets the real owner of the car.

Avoiding triangle fraud

In order to avoid triangle fraud, as reported by Mobbi, the Astra used car buying and selling site, you need to pay attention to the following steps:

1. Check the seller’s identity and vehicle documents

Before making a transaction, make sure the seller has clear identity. Ask for the telephone number and check the address of the car seller carefully.

What is also important is to check vehicle documents such as STNK, proof of tax payment, service book and service history. Make sure the documents are genuine and not fake.

2. Meet the seller

This is mandatory to avoid triangle fraud. The reason is because this fraud mode exploits the weaknesses of the online buying and selling system. One of the characteristics of triangle fraud in buying and selling used cars is that if the seller is wrong, they always refuse to meet.

3. Check the mechanic

Sometimes, some buyers forget to check the mechanic thoroughly when buying a used car. It’s a good idea to inspect the car before you make a purchase.

You can check by inviting a close relative who is experienced as a car mechanic or using the services of a technician. This is so you can check the condition of the car without fear of being cheated.

If, when checking the condition of the car thoroughly and giving an objective assessment, there are irregularities about the condition of the car, it is better to avoid further transactions. This is so that you avoid the risk of fraud

4. Use a personal account

Avoid making purchase transactions using a personal account. It’s a good idea to use a third party account whose validity is trusted.

If you still want to use a personal account, it’s better to buy a car directly without an intermediary. Make sure to make payments directly via your personal account or other payment method that can be verified according to your identity.

5. Be alert and logical

Always be wary of offers that are too good or appear to be under pressure to make a transaction immediately.

One characteristic of fraud is that it is too good to be true. Fraudulent modes often involve attractive but unrealistic offers or attempts to rush you into paying.

Apart from that, the perpetrator deliberately puts pressure on you to create a condition where you cannot think rationally. By knowing the fraud tactics and schemes that are often used, you will be better prepared and able to avoid them.

These are the modes and characteristics of triangle fraud in buying and selling used cars. Hope it is useful.

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