Tuesday 21 November 2023

Defensive Driving Education Degree at the University of Indonesia, Astra Insurance Complete with Financial Management Literacy


Garda Oto, a vehicle insurance product from Astra Insurance – part of PT Astra International Tbk, a national company that has 272 subsidiaries, including those operating in the automotive, financing services and insurance sectors – held a Young People’s Safe Driving & Financial Literacy Workshop from Dini (Muda Mudi) which was held at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (UI) on Tuesday (21/11/2023).

Quoted from the official Astra Insurance release as received by , as a reliable insurance company, Astra Insurance strives to minimize the risk and number of traffic accidents as stated by Polda Metro Jaya regarding the number of accident cases in DKI Jakarta. That is, reaching 8,254 cases from January to August 2023.

The Real Driving Center (RDC) Trainer, Marcell Kurniawan, in the middle of his presentation, provided defensive driving education at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia (UI) (21/11/2023) [Astra Insurance /Garda Oto]. In this Muda Mudi Workshop, Garda Oto through Astra Insurance provides defensive driving education, in collaboration with The Real Driving Center (RDC). Then it is also equipped with financial management literacy for the younger generation.

The event also socializes Garda Oto’s #AlwaysDriveSafely driving safety campaign which has been in existence for 14 years.

“Accidents and the resulting losses can be minimized or even completely avoided before they occur. “As a first step in trying to do this, you can start by equipping yourself with driving safety knowledge,” said Laurentius Iwan Pranoto, Head of PR, Marcomm, & Events Astra Insurance.

According to him, having driving knowledge can create wise behavior and full of information. good. 

Apart from that, Astra Insurance also provides financial training to provide the best protection to avoid losses. So that participants are able to become financial managers and keep running well. 

“We hope that this Muda Mudi event at UI can provide benefits and feelings “Better responsibility for students who drive frequently so that they can provide peace of mind that can be felt by themselves and others,” he added.

Defensive driving education delivered by The Real Driving Center (RDC) Trainer, Marcell Kurniawan.

In his material, Marcell explained the importance of making preparations before driving, while driving, and before leaving the vehicle.

Also equipped with tips to make it easier for participants. Such as emphasizing that it is not only the condition of the vehicle that needs to be ensured, but also the environmental conditions and the physical and mental condition of the driver.

The aim of delivering this material is to increase awareness and understanding of the risks of driving. So as to create proactive behavior for the nation’s next generation to always prioritize safety and be responsible on the road.

In the next session, financial literacy was delivered directly by Business Unit Manager 4W 2W, Astra Insurance Account Management, Andreas Imanuel Tobing.

The topics raised adapt to the needs of young people regarding good financial management through explaining the causes and consequences of today’s financial problems. This usually refers to the consumptive side that can be avoided.

Then it closes with solutions and tips to be smarter in managing finances to be free from financial crises for the future.

To complete the message to be spread, the material also encourages young people to have the courage to protect themselves and their assets from various detrimental risks.

This Muda Mudi Workshop event has been held at several universities in Jakarta, not only providing driving safety education but also equipped with financial literacy. As a form of support for increasing financial literacy from the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Not only wrapped up in seminar classes, Muda Mudi also presents an activation booth as part of literacy and introduction to its various products and services through games with prizes that students can take part in.

Astra Insurance offers various types of insurance to provide protection for yourself, your family and your assets.

Garda Oto car insurance is available for vehicle assets, through the myGarda application, customers can easily carry out the process of purchasing and upgrading policies and submitting claims anywhere and anytime.

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