Thursday 23 November 2023

EICMA 2023 Successfully Staged in Milan, Positive Impact Felt Online Even More Than During the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has created a series of changes in the automotive sector. The EICMA or International Two-Wheeled Vehicle and Accessories Exhibition in Milan, Italy, which was held by Confindustria ANCMA or the Italian Motorcycle and Accessories Industry Association, is no exception.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, events were staged online or online, which made the excitement of the exhibition less visible. Then on the next occasion, use offline media or outside the network, aka offline, but are limited, and still use online channels. This includes, among other things, bringing in motorbike racing riders and broadcasting it on the official website and social media.

Currently, when all COVID-19 restrictions or restrictions are lifted so that EICMA 2023 can be held more freely, including presenting motocross racing near the exhibition arena and there are so many test ride opportunities available, the number of visitors watching the exhibition online has not decreased.

Even Confindustria ANCMA made some kind of profit, because the 80th EICMA was well watched offline and online. The two of them work together to show that fans are really looking forward to this two-wheeled automotive exhibition.

Quoted from the official ANCMA release as received by , the successful organization and running of the EICMA 2023 event can be confirmed on the web, on social media, and in the writings of journalists who report on this activity, complete with the dream products of two-wheeled vehicle lovers.

More than a week after the physical closing of EICMA 2023, there are a series of interesting numbers showing data that physical exhibition events distributed digitally are also sought after by many viewers, even after the event ends.

The 80th EICMA in Milan, Italy presents the European Supercross stage [ANCMA/EICMA]. The fulcrum of the EICMA digital platform, namely the event website, which includes the official sales ticket shop for this exhibition event successfully distributed news to 1.7 million guests who logged in took part in the activities at the venue. Then guests who viewed the activity reached 3.5 million page views with an average visit duration of more than two minutes.

This exhibition week also provided a significant acceleration in EICMA’s social profile, namely 6 million guests opened the Facebook page and almost 10 million enjoyed online viewing. While 3.8 million guests with special interests uploaded posts on Instagram profiles, there were more than 4.5 million views about the Milan motorbike show, and the number of followers of the show grew by more than 24 thousand units in just six days of EICMA.

The performance of the team that sends event releases and news to the press, from journalists to the editorial team is also impressive. Thirty-five press releases were issued in two languages ​​(Italian and English) before and during the event, more than 290 news items were published on the official EICMA website, more than 40 videos were produced during the week of the exhibition, 10 thousand photos were shared and 450 minutes of B-roll videos recorded, hundreds of content downloads were produced and a digital press room was made available.

More than 50 press conferences are included in the official calendar during the first two days, as well as dozens of other moments with the media organized independently by exhibitors.

Impressive news circulation, more than 4,500 articles published with EICMA quotes appeared in various Italian newspapers, not to mention those present internationally in various languages ​​including English and French, with an estimated potential view of several million people, and broadcast by more than 100 TV and radio.

The EICMA 2023 logo which was staged marked the 110th event [ANCMA/EICMA]. No less exciting, the accredited content creators and visitors who attended also created an immeasurable amount of broadcast material.

All of which proves EICMA’s appeal to journalists, communications operators and influencers. The number of people attending directly was also not small, more than 60 countries.

Regarding the special initiative proposed in 2023, namely the EICMA Esports Arena, the new content of the e-sports sector in the field of automotive sports games has also attracted many new fans of this exhibition. Namely, there are thousands of young people, VIP guests and players or gamers attending the online motocross championship. Taking place in four stages held ahead of the exhibition, the final was played before the closing of EICMA 2023. It was recorded that more than 16 thousand people downloaded the game to compete in this game.

Among these special initiatives, the official EICMA website in the EICMA EFFECT sector also stands out, where the international photographer Zak Andrea Zaccone, contracted by advertiser Lorenzo Marini immortalizes the expressions of visitors. He photographed and recounted the emotions evoked by the experience of the visit in real time form which visitors can enjoy on the website. More than 10,000 photos were taken during the week.

Yup, EICMA is back as exciting as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic and now the website is equipped with a new platform for pre-registration and planning B2B meetings, to EICMA business meetings, which was developed to encourage meetings between market supply and demand, facilitating dialogue and the birth of business opportunities concrete.

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