Friday 24 November 2023

Entering the Rainy Season, Understand the Function and Use of Hazard Lights Again


Hazard lights are an important feature on a car. Even though it looks simple, this feature actually has certain functions and uses that should not be ignored.

However, unfortunately as we enter the rainy season, there are still many car drivers who make the mistake of using hazard lights.

The following is some information about the function and use of hazard lights, so that you don’t make a mistake when using them as quoted from mobil88, Friday (24/11/2023).

Danger Warning

The main function of using hazard lights is to warn other road users that the car is in an emergency or experiencing problems. Such as in the event of an accident, mechanical damage, or other emergency conditions.

Indicates an Abnormal Condition

When it lights up, this indicates that the car is in an abnormal condition. Other drivers nearby can understand that something is wrong and have to slow down to make way.

Avoiding Sequential Accidents

Hazard lights can also help avoid sequential accidents. By turning it on to notify other drivers that the vehicle in front is facing an emergency situation.

So that vehicles behind can immediately take action to prevent the risk of a consecutive collision.

Once the vehicle returns to normal condition and is no longer in an emergency situation, immediately turn off the hazard lights. Continued use for no apparent reason may confuse other drivers and reduce confidence in a true emergency situation.

These are some of the proper functions and uses of hazard lights. Proper use of hazard lights not only maintains driver safety, but also contributes to safety and traffic order in general.

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