Tuesday 21 November 2023

EV Ecosystem Must Be Developed, State Electricity Company Offers Collaboration Through PLN Mobile


In the 2023 Industrial Journalists Workshop, it was stated that the production of electric cars or Electric Vehicles (EV) does not end with manufacturing and distribution.

A strong ecosystem is needed, starting from providing Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPKLU) to locations where users can easily recharge their batteries.

If the system applied to a vehicle is swappable or interchangeable, it also requires a place to provide it at various points to make it easier for users.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, State Electricity Company (PLN) (Persero) as one of the sources of energy supply in the country also revealed the same thing. Infrastructure cannot be built by PT PLN alone, it definitely needs support from various parties.

Check out the swappable battery deck for the Honda EM1 e: in the background of this electric motorcycle. This electric motorbike is powered by a Honda Mobile Power Pack battery e: (MPP e:) [/CNR ukirsari]. “Like the ministry, we even invite other partners who want to do SPKLU business through partnerships. So, we are ready to collaborate with anyone. Investors “or whatever partners you want, we are there. We hope to accelerate the ecosystem from the four-wheeled and two-wheeled side,” explained Ririn Rachmawardini, Executive Vice President for Commercial Product Development at PT PLN (Persero) in an online discussion entitled “Building an Electric Vehicle Ecosystem in Indonesia” in Jakarta , Tuesday (21/11/2023).

According to him, PLN continues to encourage various forms of cooperation with ministries and the private sector, including with the Brand Holder Sole Agent (ATPM) in Indonesia in building infrastructure, for example SPKLU.

This form of collaboration can also help dispel concerns and change the mindset of people who are still hesitant about switching to electric vehicles.

“It’s like the chicken and the egg, which comes first. Are you still thinking about what happens after buying an electric vehicle but there’s no charging station? Up to now, of the 1000 SPKLUs in existence, PT PLN has contributed 60 percent or already “There are 622 SPKLUs prepared. Next year we will invest in more than 500 SPKLUs. We will grow and build this EV ecosystem together,” said Ririn Rachmawardini.

“Currently there are 479 parties partnering with us and also 30 agencies “We hope that this number will continue to increase. We don’t close ourselves off when there is a question about whether everyone has to use PLN Mobile? Of course we can collaborate on roaming to roaming and that is what we are coordinating,” he continued.

PLN continues to offer it until now various promotions, both carried out directly and in the form of programs to encourage them to purchase electric vehicles. And currently coordinating with the Ministry of Industry regarding the subsidy program for purchasing two-wheeled vehicles.

“Together with other ministries, we also held promotions with the hashtag #pakaimolis, and also held roadshows in several cities. Another promotion is that we are trying to develop PLN Mobile for purchasing two-wheeled electric vehicles and later customers will get a PLN token voucher in a certain nominal amount. “We hope this can stimulate EV purchases more quickly,” he concluded.

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