Wednesday 22 November 2023

Kymco Introduces Ionex Solutions for Electric Motors


Kymco, an automotive company from China, introduced an electric motorbike solution called Ionex which consists of a battery, battery measuring unit and battery charging station. This technology was introduced at the EICMA 2023 international motorbike exhibition in Milan, Italy.

Ionex batteries are service solutions for energy companies, Ionex battery meters for EV manufacturers, and Ionex energy stations for battery replacement network operators.

These three breakthroughs form the Ionex EV Solution which aims to provide benefits to every stakeholder in electric mobility, especially all consumers, businesses and governments.

“Today marks the inflection point of the electric era. “Ionex EV Solution from Kymco paves the way for stakeholders to transition to an electric future,” said Kymco Chairman Allen Ko, Wednesday (22/11/2023).

Ionex Common Battery is a versatile removable battery with a proven track record of millions of charges and swaps that simultaneously supports battery swapping, battery charging and vehicle charging.

The battery is designed to more easily integrate with any two-wheeled vehicle architecture and provide high energy capacity for longer driving distances.

In addition, Ionex batteries are specially designed with strong impact resistance and battery management technology to support Battery-as-a-Service operations.

The cloud-based Ionex operating system manages all Ionex Common Batteries to automate all aspects of Battery-as-a-Service for Energy Companies operations.

The system records battery and energy usage in real-time, regulates the autonomous operation of the battery switching network and intelligently manages the charging of each battery to extend battery life.

For electric vehicle manufacturers, Kymco offers the Ionex Battery Metering Unit (Ionex BMU), a standardized electronic module that integrates easily into any EV design.

Coming with an Internet of Vehicles (IoV) control interface, this technology allows the vehicle to connect with the driver via the Ionex User App for various intelligent vehicle features as well as turning the driver’s smartphone into a keyless device for the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Ionex energy stations are cloud connected and available in various sizes and configurations. This technology is claimed to be compatible with all motorbikes that use BMU and has an important role in Battery-as-a- Service from energy companies.

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