Friday 24 November 2023

Many Yamaha Grand Filano Consumers Complain About Oil Seepage, YIMM Ready to Replace Free...


PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) provided a response regarding complaints from Yamaha Grand Filano consumers who complained about oil seepage on engine parts on social media.

Deputy General Manager Marketing Communication & Public Relations, Antonius Widiantoro, suggested that consumers who experience problems should come to an official Yamaha repair shop to have it checked.

“Consumers don’t need to worry, because Yamaha gives consumers a 5 year guarantee for forged pistons and DiASil Cylinder, FI components and frames,” said the man who is familiarly called Anton when contacted, Friday (24/11/2023).

Furthermore, Anton emphasized that if there really is a factory error, Yamaha is ready to replace the unit for free.

“If there is a problem caused by a factory error, consumers can claim and we will replace it free of charge. In accordance with the applicable warranty claim provisions,” he explained.

Yamaha Grand Filano Consumer Complaints

Previously viral on social media was a consumer who complained that his Yamaha Grand Filano had poly seepage in the engine.

Even in the uploaded video description, his motorbike is completely new. He also showed that his motorbike did not have a number plate.

“There is a little seepage in the engine, I don’t know why. A lot of oil is dripping. Even though the STNK and number plate are not there yet,” he said while showing the engine part in question.

The motorbike which is included in the automatic scooter category, is owned by the repair shop The general who visited the Grand Filano owner had the engine parts removed to make it easier to check.

In the upload of the TikTok account @Arie Perkasa, he admitted that he had contacted the official Yamaha dealer. However, because he was curious, he deliberately took his motorbike to a regular repair shop to check it directly to find out the cause the engine lubricant was leaking.

“Actually I’ve contacted Yamaha, and they asked for the motorbike to be taken there. However, I’m a curious person, aka I’m curious,” he said.

When showing the empty space where the engine sits on the motorbike body, the owner saw rust on the frame.

“What is this, it looks like you know it,” he said while highlighting the rusty frame.

Yamaha Grand Filano specifications

The engine embedded in the Grand Filano is also used by Fazzio. It’s just that the characters are made differently according to the segment.

The Grand Filano produces 8.1 hp, while the Fazzio has 8.3 hp. Meanwhile, the Grand Filano’s torque is 10.4 Nm, while the Fazzio’s is 10.6 Nm.

This difference is not very significant. It’s just that looking at the data, Fazzio is more responsive on paper.

The engine on the 2023 Yamaha Grand Filano is also equipped with hybrid-connected technology from the Blue Core Hybrid 125 engine, making it more powerful.

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