Friday 24 November 2023

Ministry of Trade Directly Inspects Alva Electric Motor Factory Facilities in Bekasi


The Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemendag) visited the Alva electric motor manufacturing facility in Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, on November 21 2023.

This visit is part of the Ministry of Trade’s efforts to promote the environmentally friendly vehicle industry in Indonesia while supporting the application of industry 4.0 technology to support the escalation of domestic electric motorbike production.

May Simatupang as Director General of Consumer Protection and Business Order at the Ministry of Trade be present along with 5 other directors at the Ministry of Trade, to carry out this visit.

“We are happy that Alva has supported the government program to make people want to switch from petrol vehicles to electric vehicles. We expect Alva to always be quick to respond and respond to input from consumers. We will also always encourage Alva to continue to carry out promotions so that there are more who switched to using electric motorbikes,” said Moga Simatupang, in his statement, Friday (24/11/2023).

Meanwhile Purbaja Pantja as President Director of PT. Ilectra Motor Group, which oversees the Alva brand, said that it was very happy to welcome visits from Ministry of Trade colleagues to the Alva manufacturing facility to witness firsthand the production process of the Alva One and Alva Cervo electric motorbikes.

“We hope that the industrial innovation we are implementing here can inspire the development of electric motorbike technology and increase the acceleration of electric vehicle adoption in the country,” said Purbaja Pantja.

One of the objectives of this visit is to understand more deeply Alva’s contribution to the development of the electric motorbike industry in Indonesia.

The Ministry of Trade appreciates Alva’s efforts in supporting the government’s agenda to maintain environmental sustainability and reduce carbon emissions, in accordance with the principle of net-zero emissions by 2060.

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