Thursday 23 November 2023

Subaru Dealership Inaugurated in Tebet, Fifth in Indonesia


Subaru Indonesia, on Thursday (23/11/2023), inaugurated Plaza Subaru Tebet, South Jakarta. This newest Subaru dealer is expected to attract consumers in South, Central and East Jakarta.

Plaza Subaru Tebet will not only serve car purchases, but also provides after-sales services, aka 3S, namely sales, service and spare parts.

“Strategic position in three administrative areas, even though administratively the place is located in South Jakarta, however, the position is directly adjacent to Central Jakarta via Menteng Dalam Subdistrict, as well as the East Jakarta area via the Cililitan flyover,” said Subaru Indonesia Chief Executive Officer Arie Christopher .

Demographically, Arie said that the Tebet area is also a meeting place for various ethnic groups and is a center for youth creativity which is often a barometer of youth trends in Jakarta.

“For this reason, it is very appropriate that Subaru, which is close to young people, will be officially present starting today in Tebet,” said Arie.

Plaza Subaru Tebet, located on Jalan Dr Saharjo No 315 Tebet, is the fifth Subaru dealer in Indonesia. It stands on an area of ​​1,900 square meters and has a building area of ​​2,450 square meters.

This dealership is equipped with five display cars and workshops, five working bays, and services that aim to provide peace of mind for customers. This dealership is the result of a collaboration between Subaru Corporation Japan and PT Plaza Auto Mega (Subaru Indonesia).

“The opening of this dealership is a form of our ongoing commitment to provide convenience for consumers to get closer to the Subaru brand and products wrapped in typical Japanese omotenashi hospitality,” said Arie.

Omotenashi experience is a shuttle service program for customers who use services at Plaza Subaru Tebet. Customers will enjoy pick-up and drop-off services during the vehicle repair process.

Previously a Subaru dealer was established in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta; Alam Sutera Tangerang; Batam and Surabaya. Subaru plans to build their sixth dealership in Bandung next December and another dealership in West Jakarta in 2024.

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