Monday 20 November 2023

The Bad Impact of Using Fake Brake Pads on Motorcycles


Brake lining is a component whose job is to press the disc or drum to stop the motorbike. This friction causes the brake pads to become thinner over time, so they need to be replaced.

However, when choosing brake linings, you should be careful. Due to the fact that there are many fake brake linings also circulating on the market.

The characteristic of fake brake pads is that they usually offer cheap prices compared to prices at official workshops.

Apart from not being able to work optimally, fake brake linings will also have a negative impact on motorbikes. According to the Wahana Honda page, Monday (20/11/2023), the following are the bad effects of using fake brake linings:

Motorbike Discs Wear Fast

Because they have a harder material structure than original brake linings, fake brake linings can cause the disc is eroded. This is caused by friction that occurs between the brake lining and the disc. You may feel that the brake pads last longer, but you have to let go of the vehicle’s worn discs.

Causes Noise when Braking

Friction between the discs and fake brake linings that have non-standard types of material or are considered harder causes abnormal sounds when braking. This might bother you when driving.

Brakes Are Less Useful

Fake brake linings will probably last longer than genuine or original brake linings. However, even though the material of fake brake linings is harder, the wear level of fake brake linings is not as good as original brake linings.

Original brake pads which tend to be softer can work optimally by providing better grip on the discs when braking.

These are the bad effects of using fake brake linings on motorbikes.

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