Wednesday 22 November 2023

TransTrack Experience Center Launched to Introduce Fleet Management Solutions Directly to Customers


TransTrack, on Wednesday (22/11/2023), introduced the TransTrack Experience Center in Jakarta. This innovation is expected to provide direct experience of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based fleet management technology developed by the company.

The startup, which has just received financing of IDR 30 billion, provides a TransTrack Experience Center at the company’s head office in Menara 165, South Jakarta.

“Through the TransTrack Experience Center, potential customers, business partners and investors can understand and directly experience the technological solutions we are developing,” explained TransTRACK Founder and CEO Anggia Meisesari in a press release received in Jakarta.

Solutions and products presented at the TransTrack Experience Center include hardware such as GPS Tracker, Hybrid GPS Tracker, personal tracker, E-Seal, 360 Camera, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Management System (DMS), Fuel Stabilizer, and Adaptive Gateway. Visitors can see and find out about various hardware that can be tailored to their business needs.

From the software side there are various tools developed by TransTrack and information about various features in the application that can help optimize business.

There is also a Cockpit Simulator, which allows visitors to experience driving a truck directly and try TransTrack products directly interactively.

This simulator provides various scenarios that may occur in fleet operations, so that visitors can hone their skills and make the right decisions.

Also introduced is E-Seal, which can be installed on cargo or container doors with comprehensive features, such as electronic identification, real-time tracking, monitoring system and reliability of the locking mechanism.

All TransTrack products can be developed specifically to suit specific customer needs, so that they will provide maximum results for business operations in various industrial sectors.

TransTrack said that currently it has reached 90 cities in Indonesia and 25 cities in Malaysia. It is claimed that there are more than 900 clients and around 100,000 assets using TransTrack technology.

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