Monday 20 November 2023

Used Aerox Price List as of November 2023


Yamaha Aerox 155 is still on the list of sought after large scooters in Indonesia, especially for those who are still easy and have high mobility. The sporty and dashing design makes this Maxi range of scooters popular.

The price of Aerox on the market currently starts from IDR 27 million in the Jabodetabek area. But if you have less funds than that, then the used motorbike option could be a solution. The price of a used Aerox is of course cheaper, as long as you choose wisely.

The following is a list of prices for used Aerox in Jabodetabek as reported by a number of used vehicle buying and selling sites:

Aerox 2017Rp 16 millionAerox 2018Rp 17 millionAerox 2019Rp 20 millionAerox 2020Rp 20 millionAerox 2021/2022Rp 23 million nbspn bsp It is important to note, before buying a used Aerox motorbike You must first confirm the vehicle documents and what is no less important is the condition of the vehicle. Don’t buy a cat in a sack.

Yamaha first launched the Aerox in Indonesia in 2016. At that time what was marketed was the 125 cc variant, with liquid cooling. At that time the price was around IDR 18 million.

In less than a year, sales of the Aerox 125 cc in Indonesia were stopped. Instead, the Japanese manufacturer brought the 155 cc Aerox at the end of 2016. To date, five generations of the Yamaha Aerox have been introduced in Indonesia.

Aerox Price 2023

Currently Yamaha Aerox is available in three types. The price of a new Aerox in Indonesia, as of November 2023, is still around IDR 27.1 million with status on the road in Jabodetabek.

The following is the price list for Aerox November 2023:

All New AEROX 155 StandardPrice: Rp. 27,175,000Color: metallic red, black silver, cyan silver and yellow blue

All New AEROX 155 CyberCityPrice: Rp. 27,375,000.Color: cyber city liver

All New AEROX 155 Connected/ABS Price: Rp. 30,960,000. Color: maxi signature and prestige silver

That’s the price list for the latest used Aerox. I hope this helps!

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