Friday 24 November 2023

What documents do you need to ask for when buying a used car? These are 7 documents that must be present


Buying a used car can be a smart choice, especially if budget considerations are a major factor.

Well, if the car is in decent condition and a transaction agreement has been made, there are several files that are the rights of the buyer and must be provided by the seller.

This file alias document is proof of the validity of vehicle ownership, and will also be useful in future maintenance, including in terms of tax extensions and the like.

Don’t be hasty, make sure the buyer must get the following documents or files when buying a used car. Anything?

Car illustration. (Indianauto) 1. BPKB (Motor Vehicle Owner’s Book)

This is official proof of ownership of the car. Make sure the owner’s name on the BPKB matches the seller’s, and there are no scribbles or tears. If there is, it could be that the car has a problem or was stolen.

2. STNK (Vehicle Registration Certificate)

This is a driving license that must always be carried when driving. Make sure the license plate number, frame number and engine number on the STNK match those on the car. Also, make sure the STNK is still valid and doesn’t expire any time soon.

3. Invoice

This is a car purchase letter from the dealer or factory. This invoice shows the year of manufacture, model, color, and other specifications of the car. This invoice is useful for checking whether the car has had any modifications or not (especially to the car paint), and also for taking care of taxes and insurance.

BPK IllustrationHow to Pay Motorcycle Tax (Shutterstock) 4. Photocopy of the KTP of the previous vehicle owner

This is the seller’s personal identity. You need to ask for a photocopy of your KTP to ensure that the seller is the same person as the owner in the BPKB. If not, you should ask about the relationship between the seller and the owner, and ask for a power of attorney or statement if necessary.

5. Service Record (if any)

This is a record of maintenance and repairs that have been carried out on the car. This service record can help you assess the condition and health of the engine, as well as avoid cars that have been in a serious accident or flood.

6. Manual book

If you are new to the world of cars, or quite familiar with cars but the vehicle you buy has fancy features, then the presence of a manual book will be mandatory to avoid errors in operation and maintenance. So as much as possible, make sure you get the manual, OK!

7. Purchase receipt

This is proof of the transaction between you and the seller. You should ask for a receipt that is signed by the seller and includes details such as price, date, license plate number and car chassis number. This receipt is useful to protect you from possible fraud or disputes in the future.

By checking the documents above, you can be more confident and calm when buying a used car. Happy hunting for your dream car!

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