Wednesday 22 November 2023

Wuling Binguo EV Not Certain to Get Electric Car Subsidies


Wuling Binguo EV, an electric car launched last week in Indonesia, has not been confirmed to receive an electric car subsidy from the government in the form of a zero percent transfer fee (BBN) subsidy.

Wuling Motors PR Manager Brian Gomgom, who was met on the sidelines of the GIIAS Bandung 2023 exhibition, said that it is not certain that the Binguo EV will enter the same scheme as the Air EV, the first electric car from the Chinese brand.

“So the Wuling Binguo EV car subsidy program will be announced at launch later, and for now the Wuling Air EV has participated in the government’s subsidy program,” said Brian.

The government subsidy program, explained Brian, said that sales of Air EV cars from each series during the period January to October 2023 reached 6,300 units nationally. Since its initial launch in Indonesia in 2022, the car has sold around 12,000 units nationally.

In West Java itself, he continued, retail sales of the same type of car were 2,694 units. Specifically in Bandung, Air EV sold 824 units for the January-October 2023 period.

“It could be said that in Bandung itself, up to 40 percent of sales contribution goes to Wuling. This can happen because there is also an incentive push from the government to change to electric cars apart from the cost of ownership “which is cheaper than conventional cars,” he said again.

He said, despite the success of Air EV, he said that in 2023, by involving Binguo EV in various car exhibitions including at GIIAS Bandung, his party had not thought about including it in the government subsidy scheme.

At GIIAS Bandung 2023, he said, the target is that the public can see the Binguo EV in its interior, exterior and features and be interested in ordering, thus completing the Wuling electric car collection with a range of 200-300 km by Air EV and a distance 300-400 km by Binguo EV.

“At GIIAS Bandung 2023, we actually want to see the enthusiasm of this Binguo EV in Bandung, because after November 16 it was exhibited in Tangerang, people were interested. Well, this is our first time in Bandung. We don’t have a target at GIIAS Bandung 2023, “But if you want EV we have two models, if you want hybrid we have it and if you want petrol we also have it, so all variants are available,” he also said.

Based on Wuling’s statement, the exterior appearance of the Binguo EV has an iconic design, reinforced by timeless visuals. At the front there is an X-Shaped LED Headlamp and Diamond Corrugated Grille.

Binguo EV applies Flowing Water Body Curve on the side and Water Splash Wheel Cap to create an elegant appearance with a unique impression. At the rear, Binguo EV is equipped with X-Shaped LED Tail Lights and Streamline Ducktail to show a modern and futuristic style.

For the interior, Binguo EV offers a spacious cabin with perforated synthetic leather seats for passenger and driver comfort. Apart from that, Binguo EV is also equipped with 15 compartments and a large trunk that can be used to store luggage.

Other driving comfort supporting features are also presented in the Binguo EV, where the driver can adjust the sitting position more easily through the Electric Seat Adjustment feature.

On the dashboard, there is a Multifunction Steering Wheel equipped with audio operation buttons and menu settings. The Rotary Gear Selector is also presented in the Binguo EV as a transmission operator with a futuristic rotary knob.

In addition, the vehicle’s center console is also equipped with Electric Parking Brake and Auto-Vehicle Holding buttons. And the entertainment system is integrated with a 10.25″ head unit.

Binguo EV itself is offered with a lifetime battery guarantee facility for the first 1000 customers. Customers will get their cars in the first half of 2024.

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