Thursday 23 November 2023

AHM Foundation Distributes Two Attractive Scholarship Programs, SFL and KOLABERAKSI


The Astra Honda Motor Foundation from PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) provides scholarships through two programs that challenge prospective scholarship recipients. Namely the SDG’S Future Leader (SFL) program and the Indonesian Healthy Youth Action Collaboration (KOLABERAKSI).

Quoted from the official PT AHM release as received by , the SFL program is available to students from 10 campuses by challenging prospective scholarship recipients to take real action that has an impact on the wider community.

Then for COLABERACTION, this program was opened to high school and middle school students by inviting participants to campaign to maintain health for Indonesia’s young generation.

Apart from that, the AHM Foundation also provides scholarships for Adiwiyata School Environmental Ambassadors and Arts Ambassadors who are active in preserving the art of angklung in 26 schools.

Chairman of the AHM Foundation Ahmad Muhibbuddin and Safety Riding ambassadors chatting ahead of the symbolic scholarship handover ceremony [PT AHM]. actively contribute to the progress of society through social action.

“AHM Foundation Scholarships have been consistently distributed since 2006 as an effort to encourage the formation of superior, creative and sensitive people to issues developing around them. We want to help encourage the country’s children to actively prepare themselves to welcome the Golden Indonesia era,” explained Ahmad Muhibbuddin .

There is currently educational scholarship support being distributed worth more than IDR 1.4 billion to 525 school students, teachers and students who have contributed to building the nation.

This assistance is a form of the AHM Foundation’s commitment to the world of education to support the nation’s intelligent, creative and high-quality next generation in Indonesia.

Closing the series of educational allowances for pupils and students in 2023, the AHM Foundation symbolically handed over scholarships to representatives of Safety Riding Ambassadors from the Safety Riding Laboratory of SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Kepanjen, Malang, East Java.

Taking place today, Thursday (23/11/2023), this educational assistance completes the total AHM Foundation educational scholarships for 2023 amounting to IDR 1,4000,000,000 for 286 students, 30 teachers and 209 students in the Aceh, DKI Jakarta, West Java region , East Java, North Sumatra, South Sumatra, Central Java, Yogyakarta, Ambon and Bali.

“This scholarship program really helps us to be able to continue our education until we graduate from school. I express this encouragement through real action contributions to the community, namely a driving safety campaign for motorbike riders in the surrounding area,” said Raksa Marine, one of the Safety Ambassadors Astra Honda Riding Lab.

The AHM Foundation supports school and college students in 10 provinces, here is the complete list:


UIN Arraniry and Syiah University Kuala North Sumatra

PABA Technical Vocational School Binjai West Sumatra

SMKN 5 Padangn ccp Bengkulu

SMKN 4 Kepahiang West Java

SMK SMART Bekasi, SMPN 6 Tambun Selatan, SMKS Gema Nusantara, SMAN 1 Cikarang Barat, SMK Suryabuat Karawang, SMK Mitra Industri MM2100, SMK Telecommunications Telesandi, SMA Negeri 2 Cikampek, SMK Ananda Mitra Industri Deltamas, Astra Tech Cikarang, and SMP Nassa DKI Jakarta

SMAN 110 Jakarta, SMAN 13 Jakarta, SMAN 80 Jakarta, SMK Hang Tuah 1 Jakarta, SMP Hang Tuah 3 Jakarta, SDN Sunter Agung 13 Pagi Central Java and DIY

STIKES Panti Wilasa Semarang, STIKES Ngesti Waluyo Temanggung and schools SMKN 1 Bulakamba Sunan Kalijaga & Bethesda University Yogyakarta East Java

SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Kepanjen, SMK Sukawati Sragen, IPH School, MTSN 4 Jember, SMKN 1 Jember and STIKES Wiliam Booth Surabaya campus, and the University Jember Bali

SMAN Bali Mandara Ambon

IAIN Ambon.

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