Thursday 23 November 2023

Competing at the Macau Guia RaceKumho TCR World Tour Event of Macau, Audi Sport Asia Team Harvests Victory


If mainland Europe has a Monte Carlo highway track, Monaco, Asia also has a similar track, Guia in Macau, SAR (Special Administrative Region) China.

Steep contours, sharp and narrow corners, and it is difficult for racers to develop speed if they are not in the leading position because the gap for overtaking is so narrow.

This difficulty factor is what makes the Macau Guia Race – Kumho TCR World Tour Event of Macau always exciting and eagerly awaited. This touring race in the SAR of China (another region with the same status is Hong Kong) is part of a legendary event in Asia.

It’s not surprising that Edoardo Mortara, who won repeatedly there, is called “Mr Macau”, because that’s how dramatic he is when he competes in Macau. The track is winding and has sharp and narrow turns. Miscalculations can lead to direct errors.

At the 70th Macau Grand Prix, entitled Macau Guia Race – Kumho TCR World Tour Event of Macau which took place last week, Audi Sport Team Comtoyou celebrated victory after Frédéric Vervisch brought the Audi RS 3 LMS to a sensational victory.

It didn’t stop there, Audi also scored success in the Macau GT Cup – FIA GT World Cup number through Mr Macau, Edoardo Mortara, who won the podium under the Audi Sport Asia Team Absolute banner and relying on the R8 LMS GT3 evo II.

“Overall, this has been a very successful Macau Grand Prix series for Audi and our customers,” said Alexander Blackie, Manager, Audi Sport customer racing Asia.

“With Frédéric Vervisch’s win, Audi has now achieved its fourth victory at the Guia Race. Edo Mortara gave it his all and fought his way to second overall in the FIA ​​GT World Cup. Once again, the Macau Grand Prix was attended by millions of visitors providing packed stands, an unrivaled atmosphere and exciting racing. “We look forward to returning next year,” he said.

The Macau touring race is indeed one of the mainstays of Audi Sport racing Asia, because this track is a kind of proof or maximum testing location for the rides of racers and customers or consumers who are seriously prepared.

As the owner of a world-famous logo and brand, Audi provides premium ride products for customers where vehicles can be modified to become personal rides that are legal to compete on the racing circuit. So Audi owners can register to take part in the race, either as a pro or amateur driver.

If you win, the prize prepared by Audi – apart from the winning prizes and trophies from the organizers of the touring race in which the Audi team competes – is a voucher to modify the Audi car in which the race is taking part. So once you jump into racing and win, you can be sure that you will continue to participate in the excitement of this racing.

In last week’s number, for the first round of the Macau Guia Race – Kumho TCR Macau World Tour Event of Macau, Rob Huff won the third podium. Apart from adding to his impressive collection of Macau Guia Race trophies, he hopes to still be able to reap wins until the end of this season.

Meanwhile his teammate at Audi Sport Team Comtoyou, Frédéric Vervisch, was fifth, and John Filippi from the same team followed both into the top 10.

Frédéric Vervisch/Audi Sport Team Comtoyou wins in Race 2 of the 70th Macau Grand Prix 2023 [Audi Sport Racing Asia]. Teamwork Motorsport’s Paul Poon was 16th, while QMA Motorsports’ Tian Kai retired on the opening lap. The pair took numbers in the previous weekend’s TCR Asia Challenge double-header race.

Belgian Frédéric Vervisch started the race very well and moved up to second from fourth on the grid. Then he took the lead at the end of the race when he took the Mandarin Bend corner which is classified as a high speed corner.

Meanwhile, Rob Huff fought tooth and nail to get to the podium, which resulted in his hood lifting and requiring his ride to enter the pit. He also had to be willing to finish in 12th place.

The third Comtoyou Audi RS 3 LMS piloted by John Filippi was seventh, with QMA Motorsports’ Tian Kai in 13th. Paul Poon from Teamwork Motorsport had to stop racing this number after experiencing an incident at the start of the match.

Full results of the 70th Macau Grand Prix race for the Audi team

Macau Guia Race – Kumho TCR Macau World Tour Event of Macau 

Race 1

3.Rob Huff/Audi Sport Team Comtoyou

5.Frédéric Vervisch/Audi Sport Team Comtoyou

10.John Filippi/Audi Sport Team Comtoyou

16.Paul Poon/Teamwork Motorsport

NC.Tian Kai/QMA Motorsports

Race   2 1strong 1

1.Frédéric Vervisch/Audi Sport Team Comtoyou

7.John Filippi/Audi Sport Team Comtoyou

12.Rob Huff/Audi Sport Team Comtoyou

13.Tian Kai/QMA Motorsports


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