Monday 20 November 2023

Becoming Saqu Bank Brand Ambassador, Pevita Pearce Realizes Interest as a Multitasking Solopreneur in Business and Acting


Pevita Pearce, film actor, director, and owner of a wellness business and a number of other businesses, writes in her Instagram social media bio that she is a solopreneur. More or less what it means is a multitasking businessman who manages a series of businesses to make money.

Of course it’s fun, and makes you want to follow the steps, right?

Born in Jakarta on October 6 1992, with mixed Welsh and Indonesian heritage, he was appointed as Brand Ambassador of Bank Saqu, a bank resulting from the collaboration of Astra Financial and WeLab through Bank Jasa Jakarta, which was launched on Monday (20/11/2023) at Menara Astra, Jakarta.

Bank Saqu is a digital banking service solution for the productive and solopreneur-minded generation who are a potential new force for the Indonesian economy.

“I have been in the world of acting and directing for 18 years, but now I run a lot of businesses, multitasking. From Food and Beverages to Wellness, so I have lots of side hustles,” he explained.

Side hustles, as quoted from the English dictionary, Merriam-Webster, are work done to earn additional income from one’s main job. Today, many people have side jobs to help them earn extra income, develop new skills, become business owners, and quit their day jobs.

That is what Pevita Pearce, one of the actors in the film Tenggelamnya Kapal Van der Wijck and who presents television shows, including Catharsis, calls multitasking.

“Multitasking means being able to do many jobs at the same time as doing business. The challenge is financial, however, with Bank Saqu I got what I wanted,” he continued.

“My message is, if you are exploring a business and challenges related to finance, you must have the courage to get out of your comfort zone. I myself try and learn a lot because I need to deepen financial skills. Also look for friends in arms. With this strong support system, then business the more exciting it is to do,” he continued.

From the launch of Bank Saqu, there are a number of main service features that are in line with the needs of solopreneurs such as Pevita Pearce, while the application itself can be downloaded via the Google Play Store and Apple Store. With just one or two clicks, a Saqu Bank account can be used for transactions and become a Friend in Arms for customers.

Busposito, one of Bank Saqu’s mainstays for solopreneurs including Pevita Pearce [/CNR ukirsari] This lists some of the main features of Bank Saqu services:

Saku: An intuitive and versatile product that customers can personalize with up to 20 pockets (saku) , so that it can help customers manage various needs, starting from managing income, managing expenses and various financial goals. Busposito: The first deposit product in Indonesia that utilizes the power of community. Customers can increase pleasant interest rates with family, friends, or the entire Saqu Bank community. The more people who join Busposito, the more customers get higher interest rates of up to 7% or seven percent per year. Tabungmatic: customers can save automatically to get a higher interest rate, up to 10% or 10 percent per year (conditions and conditions apply). Mission Full of Prizes: Customers are invited to complete missions to get prizes, starting from opening an account, making transfers using BI-FAST, making transactions with QRIS, referring friends and family, and even having the opportunity to win a cash bonus of up to IDR 1 million per day (terms and conditions apply). Booster Pocket (Gift Pocket): A special pocket for storing all cashback that customers get from transactions using Saqu Bank, including Tabungmatic. Customers can get cashback at Saku Booster with a higher interest rate of up to 10% or 10 percent per year (terms and conditions apply).

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