Monday 20 November 2023

Binguo EV Doesn`t Have a Voice Command Feature, Wuling Gives an Explanation...


Wuling Motors (Wuling) completes the range of electric car products in Indonesia by presenting the Binguo EV.

However, it is different from the previous electric car product, namely the Air EV. Binguo EV is not yet equipped with a voice command feature.

Responding to this, Danang Wiratmoko as Product Planning for Wuling Motors said that the Wuling Binguo EV is a product prepared to highlight its unique selling point in terms of functionality.

“Binguo is not equipped with a voice command feature, we want Binguo to be one of the EV products that emphasizes its functionality, so with other advantages in the form of a spacious cabin, good seating comfort, and interior materials that pamper the passengers, that which is the selling point of Binguo,” said Danang Wiratmoko, when introducing the Binguo EV, recently.

Regarding the choice of the name Binguo, Dian Asmahani as Brand and Marketing Director of Wuling Motors explained, Binguo was inspired by Mandarin, namely “bin” which means many and “guo” which means results.

“Binguo itself sounds like the word Bingo which in English means an expression of happiness and satisfaction over the success achieved,” explained Dian.

For information, Binguo EV has dimensions of length 3,950 mm, width 1,708 mm and height 1,580 mm, with a wheelbase of 2,560 mm. This car features modern elements such as LED front and rear lights with an elegant X-Shaped design and dynamic body lines.

For power matters, Binguo EV uses LFP batteries with two variants based on mileage, namely 333 km and 410 km. For the 333 km variant, the battery capacity is 31.9 kWh. Meanwhile, for the 410 km variant, the battery capacity is 37.9 kWh.

Each variant is equipped with a 50 kW electric motor. The maximum torque that can be produced reaches 125 Nm. Even though there is no official price yet, the Binguo EV will reportedly be marketed at a price ranging from IDR 350 million to IDR 400 million.

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