Monday 20 November 2023

How to View Motorcycle Tax on STNK Online


How to see the motorbike tax on the STNK can now be checked online. This tax is a tax that must be paid by the motorbike owner.

This is in accordance with the PDRD Law (Regional Taxes and Regional Retributions) article 1 paragraph 12. The amount of motorbike tax or PKB is different for each region.

For those of you who are curious, the motorbike tax costs paid can actually be seen online, here is the explanation:

Via the e-Samsat site

The first way to see the motorbike tax on the STNK online, you can see it via the e-site by paying attention to the following steps:

The first step is to open the browser page either via PC or smartphone. Then type the link in the browser search field to enter the site.

Fill in the vehicle identity form completely, starting from the plate code to the province. Next, you will be given complete information regarding the vehicle’s identity along with the nominal tax that must be paid.

e-Samsat application

The second way, you can see the motorbike tax via the e-Samsat application. Here are the complete steps.

Download the e-Samsat application on your cellphone first, then install it. Once the application is installed, open the application and search for the vehicle area. Next, enter the number plate code printed on the vehicle plate.

Wait a moment, until information appears regarding the amount of tax fees and the payment time.


The third way, you can use the SMS service. You can send messages via SMS in the format: info (space) police number/ number plate code/ number plate serial code/ motorbike color. For example: Info B/3770/SKL/Red.

After you type the format, send it to 08112119211. Wait until you receive a reply regarding the nominal tax amount and complete vehicle information. That’s how to view motorbike tax on STNK online.

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