Wednesday 22 November 2023

GIIAS Bandung 2023 Officially Opened, DFSK and Seres Bring Two Electric Cars


The series of automotive exhibitions, GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) The Series 2023, starts today, Wednesday (22/11/2023), at the Sudirman Grand Ballroom, Bandung City, West Java.

This automotive exhibition is the closing series of GIIAS The Series 2023, apart from that this event is the first to be held in the city of Bandung.

Apart from that, GIIAS Bandung will be an event to provide information on the latest developments in the automotive industry for the people of West Java. Additionally, West Java is one of the provinces that has an important position in the national automotive industry.

Pantuan at the Sudirman Grand Ballroom, Bandung City, PT Sokonindo Automobile was one of the participants at the GIIAS Bandung 2023 event. Apart from that, as their first appearance at this event, DFSK and Seres displayed their electric vehicles which are a representation of modern technological advances and environmentally friendly.

DFSK and Seres feel it is necessary to participate in GIIAS Bandung 2023 because the largest automotive exhibition in West Java is a showcase for advances in automotive industry technology for the people of Bandung and its surroundings.

Moreover, West Java is an important area because it occupies second place in national automotive sales for the period January-August 2023.

GIIAS Bandung 2023 Officially Opened, DFSK and Seres Bring Two Electric Cars (/Rahman) “We believe in the people of West Java “We have been waiting and curious about electric vehicle technology which continues to develop in Indonesia. This is proven by Gaikindo’s records where West Java has a market share of 15.6% of total national motor vehicle sales for the January-August 2023 period,” said the Sales & Marketing Division Head, R.B. Doni Putra Okten, Wednesday (22/11/2023).

“Therefore, PT Sokonindo Automobile is presenting the DFSK Gelora E and Seres E1 which are the latest electric vehicles in the country for various community needs,” he explained.

PT Sokonindo Automobile presented the DFSK and Seres brands in a 112 M2 booth at the Sudirman Grand Ballroom Bandung. During GIIAS Bandung 2023, visitors can find 2 units of Seres E1 and 1 unit of DFSK Gelora E with a minibus model.

Apart from that, visitors who are interested in the Seres E1 and DFSK Gelora E can try driving them in the Test Drive area provided by the organizers of GIIAS Bandung 2023.

At this moment, visitors can experience firsthand the technology and driving sensations offered by Electric vehicles as vehicles in the future that are environmentally friendly.

At GIIAS Bandung 2023, DFSK and Seres are providing a special promotion, namely that all electric vehicles offered by PT Sokonindo Automobile are equipped with a very attractive credit scheme.

Apart from that, the price for the DFSK Gelora E Mini Bus (on the road Bandung) is IDR 414,000,000, then for the Seres E1, namely E1 Type B IDR 199,000,000 and E1 Type L IDR 229,000,000.

Meanwhile, the event which will be held from 22 to 26 November 2023 will present the latest technology and products from a total of 15 brands of passenger vehicles, 3 brands of motorbikes, as well as various automotive supporting industries that will also be present at GIIAS Bandung.

Apart from that, there are several series of events and programs presented at this largest automotive exhibition, including Education Day to provide education about automotive industry technology to high school students and students.

Contributor: Rahman

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