Wednesday 22 November 2023

Who are the Hangout Friends of F1 Drivers? Lewis Hamilton`s choice Wow, Valtteri Bottas` answer surprised me


Formula 1 or F1 as a world-famous single seater racing event always tries to entertain its fans.

Apart from the main menu of racing treats, you can find a series of togetherness events between racers. Starting from social service to elderly homes, visiting flood victims, planting trees, to chatting on stage are some examples.

This activity is additional entertainment for fans. Bearing in mind the vision of F1 management, which is now owned by Liberty Media Corporation and Atlanta Braves Holdings Inc, to make the fastest single seater race in the world always close to its fans.

Lando Norris [AFP/Pool/Christina Bruna] Listened from the official F1 Instagram social media, a few moments ago, before the grand prix series took place in the United States, F1 GP Las Vegas 2023 (19/11/2023), a row of jet drivers this land took the stage.

These include Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), Lando Norris (McLaren), Daniel Ricciardo (AlphaTauri), Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin), Yuki Tsunoda (AlphaTauri), Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo), and Alex Albon (Williams).

The presenter on stage asked a unique question that they might not have imagined, namely: if asked to choose, name two fellow F1 drivers who would be the most fun to hang out with and why.

A series of funny, silly, even cool answers can be found from their statements. However, young driver Yuki Tsunoda is one of the stars. Because there are three names mentioned, namely Daniel Ricciardo, Lewis Hamilton, and Fernando Alonso.

“Wait a minute, are you old enough to drink or not, anyway?” asked Daniel Ricciardo, inviting him to joke first, causing the atmosphere to break because the audience laughed loudly.

Of course Yuki answered with a smile.

Japanese Alpha Tauri racer Yuki Tsunoda (second from right) [AFP/Toshifumi Kitamura] Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso said without hesitation that he would choose Yuki. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton said the same thing, adding the statement, “I’ve often hung out with him and it’s always fun.”

Turn to convey his choice, Lewis Hamilton stated the name Yuki Tsunoda.

“Then another one seems to be Carlos, yes. I know he likes the song Smooth Operator (a song sung by Sade) and I happen to like karaoke, so if we get along, we can sing together,” he said, which was greeted enthusiastically by the audience because it was very detailed and showed his skills. do vocals.

Quoted from The Standard, United Kingdom, in 2011 Lewis Hamilton worked with Jay-Z and Kanye West to expand into the world of music.

Then in 2018, Lewis debuted singing in one of Christina Aguilera’s songs, under the pseudonym XNDA.

Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz Jr. himself instead of choosing Lewis Hamilton, but Lando Norris and Sergio Perez.

“If it’s Checo (Sergio Perez’s nickname), if you know where he comes from, he will bring tequila. So if it’s Lando, he will bring… what, well, I shouldn’t mention it here,” said Carlos Sainz Jr., which was greeted with loud applause.

Likewise, when it was Lando Norris’ turn, he did not mention the names Carlos Sainz, Jr., but Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo.

“Daniel is for the funny and mischievous parts, yes, and Max is the payer for all our orders,” said Lando, greeted by laughter from the audience.

The final answer was given by Valtteri Bottas and it sounded quite surprising.

“No, I didn’t choose any of them because those who prevented me from failing were more speedy, basically reluctant,” said Valtteri Bottas, who was greeted by exclamations of admiration from the audience.

Who do you think is the reader’s favorite F1 driver’s answer?

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