Sunday 19 November 2023

Increasing Driving Safety Education, PT AHM Synergizes with the National Police Traffic Corps in the 2023 Safety Celebration


The 2023 Safety Festival took place at the Indonesia Safety Driving Center (ISDC) Pusd Advertisementtas Lemdiklat Polri, Serpong, South Tangerang on Saturday (18/11/2023). PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) was present to support this event, with the aim of contributing to the realization of a culture of road safety for all road users.

Quoted from Astra Honda’s official release as received by , PT AHM has a way to help increase awareness and consistency towards safety. Among other things, providing driving safety education through various opportunities. One of them is realized in the 2023 Safety Celebration.

The 2023 Safety Celebration event was initiated by the Directorate of Security and Safety of the National Police Traffic Corps. This activity aims to raise public awareness regarding driving safety, as well as being a gathering place for the automotive community which is also supported by the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI).

“We want consumers to be comfortable and safe every time they ride their favorite Honda motorbike, so that the company’s focus on safety continues to be maintained. Support for the 2023 Safety Festival is a form of the company’s consistency in driving safety education,” explained Andy Wijaya, GM Marketing Planning and Analysis PT Astra Honda Motor.

Activities are packed with fun and provide attractive facilities for all automotive lovers, especially two-wheeled vehicle users. 

Visitors who attended the event reached 950 people,  with 350 of them being bikers using Honda motorbikes at the same time community members from Banten and South Tangerang, as well as around 100 visitors who came from AHM’s safety riding partner campus, namely the Institute of Transportation and Logistics, Trisakti University.

PT Astra Honda Motor synergizes with Korlantas Polri to increase awareness and commitment to driving safety, in the Safety Festival 2023 in Indonesia Safety Driving Center Pusd Advertisementtas Lemdiklat Polri, Serpong, South Tangerang, Saturday (18/10/2023) [PT AHM]. From the Honda community there are seven representatives of the Honda community who have become safety ambassadors for the National Police Traffic Corps. Namely:

Aditya Permana from Ciputat Vario Club Fajar Nurbawono from Honda Beat Club Tangerang Azis Wahyu Budiman from Community CB150R Streetfire Zaenal Abidin-Honda CB150R Club Banten Biaji Kuncoro-Honda ADV BantenM. Zakky Zulfiar-SRP RiderDwi Oktawijaya representing the Honda Tiger Club. Meanwhile, PT AHM presented a series of experienced safety riding instructors to provide training on riding safety theory. There is also a Honda Riding Trainer (HRT) simulator that visitors can try to find out how much knowledge and skills they have in safe driving.

PT Astra Honda Motor on this occasion also provided a safety riding demonstration with a focus on driving behavior that could be dangerous on the road if not properly observed.

These include accuracy in maintaining a safe distance when driving, the ability to understand the traffic conditions that pass along the way, driving correctly when turning corners, maintaining the speed limit when driving, and how to safely overtake the vehicle in front.

This activity is expected to be a forum for information and outreach to the public about the importance of safety and security when driving. Not only about safe riding through demonstrations and coaching clinics, visitors can also enjoy various treats at the Honda booth.

Apart from actively providing education, concern and consistency towards safety is also realized by PT Astra Honda Motor through quality products with a five year frame guarantee for all types without distance restrictions.

This is an active step by the company which always emphasizes the importance of maintaining safety when driving, while providing guarantees for the products that accompany consumers.

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