Sunday 19 November 2023

The 2023 Astra Health Festival in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Realizes Commitment to Social Contribution


PT Astra International Tbk–a national company that has 272 subsidiaries, including the automotive, financing services and insurance sectors–has just held the 2023 Astra Health Festival with the theme “Healthy for Today and Indonesia’s Future” in Mataram City , West Nusa Tenggara.

Quoted from Astra’s release as received by , the event took place on Friday (17/11/2023), located at Taman Loang Baloq, Mataram, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara and was held to commemorate National Health Day 2023 (12/11/ 023) and a form of commitment to sustainable social contributions in the health sector.

This health festival aims to increase awareness and a Clean and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) in the community in the context of preventing Non-Communicable Diseases (PTM) through the Health Action Movement, Early Detection and Physical Activity as a form of support from the Indonesian Ministry of Health’s program.

Attended by the Director of Health Promotion and Community Empowerment, Ministry of Health, dr. Elveida Sariwati, M.Epid, Mataram City Government and People’s Welfare Assistant Lalu Martawang S.E, M.Si and Astra Chief of Corporate Affairs Riza Deliansyah.

The excitement of the final basketball match between SMA/SMK at the 2023 Astra Health Festival which was held at Taman Loang Baloq Mataram on Saturday (18/11/2023) [PT Astra International Tbk].  “We believe that the best investment in life is being healthy. “Through these various activities, Astra hopes that the spirit of continuing to collaborate in supporting health programs will continue to develop to support a healthier Indonesia,” explained Riza Deliansyah, Chief of Corporate Affairs Astra.

As a company that is always committed to providing benefits for Indonesia, Astra consistently contribute through sustainable social contribution programs that focus on four pillars, namely Health, Education, Environment and Entrepreneurship.

In line with efforts to realize Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which are in line with the four pillars of social contribution, since 2011 the Astra program for Indonesia has been implemented Healthy as Astra’s social contribution in the health sector throughout Indonesia.

The Astra health program targets the entire human life cycle from birth to old age. The main programs in the health sector include Primary Service Integration Program Support activities through the Revitalization of Supporting Community Health Centers (Mothers, Children, Adolescents and the Elderly), the Nutrition Intervention Program and the Integrated Environmental Health Program.

 As of October 2023, the Astra Group has 3,246 fostered posyandu throughout Indonesia with 10,955 health cadres and 215 youth cadres who are active members of the Astra Health Youth Solidarity Action (AORTA).

Astra is also developing 194 Astra Berseri Villages and 1,060 Astra Prosperous Villages which are area-based integrated development programs that cover the four pillars of Astra’s social contribution.

Through the Integrated Environmental Health Program, Astra has fostered 22 Islamic boarding schools throughout Indonesia with 3,800 beneficiary students and carried out nutritional interventions in 35 villages in 16 districts in Indonesia.

 Astra’s spirit in campaigning for the importance of health for society for today and Indonesia’s future is in line with Astra’s ideals of Prospering with the Nation and supporting Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals.

 At the 2023 Astra Health Festival in Mataram, various health actions were held which involved the community, including the 10,000 Step Movement with Astra, Aerobics, Poundfit, Basketball Competition between SMA/SMK and Youth Red Cross Competition between SMA/SMK.

Apart from that, there are also free health check-up activities for mothers, toddlers and teenagers as well as blood donation activities in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI).

The Primary Service Integration Program (ILP) was also launched at the Bertais Community Health Center, which involved seven Posyandu in Mataram City.

Apart from Mataram, Astra is also developing similar programs in Denpasar Bali, Purwakarta West Java and Sijunjung West Sumatra.

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