Sunday 19 November 2023

Mitsubishi ensures that the Xpander Hybrid is produced in Thailand


President Director of Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI), Atsushi Kurita confirmed that the Xpander Hybrid will be produced in Thailand. Even though it was planned to be produced in Indonesia, the incentives provided by the White Elephant country were more tempting for Mitsubishi Motors.

“Thailand will soon produce the Xpander Hybrid because the government there provides high incentives for hybrid cars,” said Kurita in Cikarang, West Java, recently.

According to Kurita, regulations on hybrid electric vehicles in Thailand make the Xpander Hybrid more affordable. Apart from that, he is also not sure whether Indonesia will also become a production base for the Xpander Hybrid.

Previously based on Asia Nikkei reports, Mitsubishi Motors will start producing hybrid vehicles in Thailand in early 2024. This country will be the first country outside Japan to produce hybrid cars.

Even though Indonesia failed to become a production base for the Xpander Hybrid, MMKSI admitted that it was conducting studies to produce the Mitsubishi XForce Hybrid in Cikarang.

According to Kurita, this is quite possible considering that the Mitsubishi XForce has the same production line as the Xpander.

“Xpander and XForce have the same production line. So we made it for Indonesia and we are currently conducting a study,” he concluded.

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