Tuesday 21 November 2023

Pound Fit sports are trending, Classy Yamaha holds gymnastics with the community


Yamaha DDS 3 held the “Pound Fit with Yamaha” exercise activity in Semarang, Central Java Province.

Quoted from the official release of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing as received by , this event held for women aims to strengthen the closeness that has been well established.

Apart from that, this is Yamaha Indonesia’s step in reaching out to consumers through various interesting activities that are currently popular.

Pound Fit is a workout using Ripstix, a lightweight drumstick-like device that can turn drumming into an effective full-body workout.

Yamaha DDS 3 held a “Pound Fit with Yamaha” exercise activity in Central Java [PT YIMM]. The method is like playing drums to the rhythm of music. Performed in conjunction with yoga and Pilates inspired movements. As a result, participants get a full body workout that combines limb strength training, fitness and cardio.

Even neurologically, using Ripstix sticks helps users detect movement during exercise, with its differences.

Apart from exercising in an energetic atmosphere, Yamaha DDS 3 also explained the advantages of Classy Yamaha scooters, namely Fazzio Hybrid-Connected and Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected, which attracted the attention of the participants.

“We always want to be close to consumers through quality products presented to support driving activities and lifestyles, as well as through various interesting events that are popular. For example, “Pound Fit with Yamaha” which was responded positively by participants so they were enthusiastic about participating,” explained Paul Himawan, Chief Yamaha DDS 3 (Central Java-Yogyakarta).

“Apart from doing healthy exercise, they also get memorable experiences on the Classy Yamaha scooter which has become their daily riding partner,” he continued.

The “Pound Fit with Yamaha” agenda will continue to be held on weekends until the end of 2023, in various locations in the country.

This event brings happiness to the participants, as well as adding to their special experience regarding the Classy Yamaha scooter which has a special appeal.

In the Classy Yamaha range, the products presented by PT YIMM are the Yamaha Grand Filano Hybrid-Connected and the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected.

Both have hybrid engines, the Filano is priced at IDR 26,750,000 and the Fazzio is IDR 22,400,000, or a difference of around IDR 5 million.

Both have the same engine type, namely 124.86 cc, air cooling, 4-Stroke, SOHC, there are slight differences in maximum power and maximum torque. The first is 0.1 kW adrift for Fazzio’s greater power. The maximum torque is slightly smaller than the Filano.

The Senada is a type of frame, suspension, tires and brakes, with slight differences in dimensions, where the Filano is 30 mm higher and the seat position is 40 mm higher. Likewise, the Filano’s empty weight is 5 kg heavier, while the Fazio’s gas tank capacity is 0.7 L wider.

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