Tuesday 21 November 2023

Vehicle Users Want to Participate in Reducing Carbon Dioxide Levels? Use High RON fuel


The Government of the Republic of Indonesia continues to invite the public to move towards Net Zero Emission or NZE 2060.

A series of steps have been taken to gradually reduce the distribution of carbon dioxide or CO2 in the air. This includes the automotive sector, which is said to be one of the largest contributors to exhaust gases apart from industry in general.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, Tri Yuswidjajanto Zaenuri, an expert on combustion engines and energy conversion at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) stated that fuel oil or fuel with low octane content also contributes to the environment.

No less important, low octane fuel also has the potential to have a negative impact on vehicle performance. This includes causing knocking or detonation which, among other things, is characterized by a tickling sound.

The dashboard of a BMW unit as an illustration of a car with AI technology (Bimmerpost) “If the driver uses high RON fuel, it will be difficult for detonation conditions to occur which can have a bad impact on the engine. And no less important, high RON fuel will be more environmentally friendly. Pertamax series, for example, will reduce the release of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into the air which can create a greenhouse gas effect,” he explained.

High RON fuel will produce more complete combustion thereby reducing emissions. So old vehicles or old cars need to be reset, then adjusted to use high RON fuel.

“Because complete combustion produces CO2 and H2O or water. So if you want CO2 to decrease then you have to use a high RON,” said Tri Yuswidjajanto Zaenuri.

He also stated the importance of fuel with high RON for vehicles with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

“Apart from being environmentally friendly, high octane fuel such as the Pertamax series can also maintain the engine and prevent damage. This includes vehicles with AI technology and even the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC),” he added.

Tri Yuswidjajanto Zaenuri mentioned that vehicles with AI technology have the ability to adjust fuel consumption, not just the driving mode or the way to go on the track, namely sport, smooth or challenging. When the user changes fuel with various octane levels, this car makes adjustments in the form of automatic settings for the ignition timing.

“However, vehicles with AI technology still have a tolerance limit or working range. Everything has a working range. For example, vehicles with AI are set to be able to use fuel between RON 92-95,” he said, providing details.

If this vehicle is then given RON fuel below its requirement, detonation will occur.

“And, if you force it continuously, it can cause the piston to break, get a hole. Because it detonates too often,” he warned.

“Similarly with the LCGC. The manufacturer has recommended that LCGC vehicles consume fuel equivalent to the Pertamax series. Through high-octane fuel, fuel consumption can also be more economical. “If you use low RON fuel, the fuel consumption will not reach 20 km per liter, so the emissions will not be green,” concluded Tri Yuswidjajanto Zaenuri.

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