Tuesday 21 November 2023

PT Astra Otoparts`s Best Selling Products Ordered via Laz Otomotif, Online Sales Are Very Helpful


Online sales via marketplaces or e-commerce are one of the spearheads of marketing. The reason is that it is able to bring buyers and sellers together quickly and briefly, while reducing transaction time, meaning it is more efficient.

As explained by Lie Se Chiang, Head of the Retail Marketing and Business Development Department of PT Astra Otoparts. He stated that his party was greatly helped by the presence of online marketplaces or online e-commerce. Among other things, it is sold via Laz Otomotif, an online marketplace for automotive products offered by Lazada.

Lie Se Chiang added that one of Astra Otoparts’ superior products that is best-selling by Laz Otomotif users is vehicle oil, which customers can buy before it is time to change their vehicle oil. To make it easier for customers, they provide free product installation services for products purchased through Lazada.

Astra Otoparts [component.astra.co.id] Quoted from the Antara news agency, Sophisticated Satriatama, VP Automotive Lazada Indonesia stated that the total transaction value of Laz Otomotif in the last few years has almost tripled. Apart from that, the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises or MSMEs selling automotive spare parts products on the market has also doubled.

“This growth is a good sign, which shows that the automotive industry continues to grow and drive activity in various lines of the country’s economy,” he explained.

Then, this could also be an indicator of the increasing importance of online automotive product marketplaces such as Laz Otomotif in the development of the automotive industry.

“We are trying to create a healthy ecosystem because the automotive industry is not only about moving people from point A to point B now, but has become part of lifestyle, sport and daily quality of life,” said Canggih Satriatama.

Laz Otomotif itself provides various automotive products which are divided into 15 categories, such as car and motorbike interior and exterior accessories, various car and motorbike spare parts, as well as driving accessories such as jackets and helmets. Everything is guaranteed to be authentic, based on strict product curation for inspection of traded spare parts products.

“Everything on us is curated and trusted. “So internally, we have a team that ensures that the goods we have are as needed,” said Sophisticated Satriatama at a press conference in Jakarta, Tuesday (21/11/2023).

He stated that the products displayed on Laz Otomotif are equipped with clear product ratings and descriptions, making it easier for customers who want to find the right vehicle product they want.

Talking about the MSME sector and marketing synergies with the online marketplace itself, some time ago I attended a workshop held by FINATRA, part of the PT Federal International Finance or FIFGROUP brand services from PT Astra International Tbk.

It is stated that MSMEs are the backbone of the Indonesian economy and PT FIFGROUP wants to grow together with entrepreneurs in this sector. For this reason, FINATRA, among other things, is holding projects for MSME entrepreneurs to understand upstream to downstream work pathways from procurement to product marketing, as well as financing services.

The hope is that MSMEs, including the automotive sector, will continue to grow and produce standard products that can be marketed quickly and efficiently through online marketplaces. At the same time working together with related parties such as authorized Honda motorbike repair shops and PT Astra Otoparts.

By advancing the automotive component sector, it is hoped that automotive MSME players will grow and occupy a fairly large percentage of their place. Considering the profile of FINATRA customers or customers who handle the MSME sector. Currently, the main consumers of this brand service are groceries or retailers, then food and beverages. Meanwhile, the automotive sector in the form of workshops and components is still at less than one percent.

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