Sunday 19 November 2023

The Latest Subaru Forester Will Feature Toyota`s Hybrid Technology


Subaru recently leaked that the 2025 Forester model will use Toyota’s hybrid technology as a collaboration product.

Chief Operating Officer of Subaru of America, Jeff Walters said the upcoming hybrid variant will use batteries and electric components sourced from Toyota combined with a boxer engine from Subaru.

“The hybrid model will likely be introduced after the standard model. Meanwhile, details will be announced when the time is right,” Jeff Walters told Autonews, Monday (20/11/2023).

It is known that this is not the first time Toyota and Subaru have worked together. These two automotive companies have collaborated to present the BRZ and GT86 models.

In addition, Toyota and Subaru are also working together for the plug-in hybrid Crosstrek and bZ4X models.

Speaking about the electric vehicle development collaboration, Walters said that their next three electric vehicles will be alliance vehicles.

“The upcoming portfolio is the most complete and robust in the company’s history,” he said.

In this case, Walters did not explain specifically, but he estimates that there will be many new vehicles from the collaboration between Subaru and Toyota until 2028.

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