Friday 24 November 2023

Using the Exciting Headline "Don`t Ngalam, #Cari_aman Sam" AHM Foundation Holds Short Movie Safety Riding Competition


In holding a driving safety campaign, there are many creative ways that young people can use by utilizing contemporary communication media.

Quoted from the official release of PT Astra Honda Motor as received by , the Astra Honda Motor Foundation (AHM Foundation) is again campaigning for safe driving for the younger generation through a series of Short Movie Contest (SMC) competition activities.

This activity was packaged in an event entitled “Ngalam ora Ngalem, #Cari_aman Sam” which was structured in an interesting way through educational activities and a creative video making workshop to promote the safety and comfort of driving in Indonesia.

This title itself implies excitement, using typical Malang walikan language, which means more or less that Malang young people are not spoiled, let’s be safe, Bro.

The Chairman of the AHM Foundation together with the Safety Riding Agents of Universitas Brawijaya Malang held a photo session after the opening of the Short Movie Contest [PT AHM]. SMC 2024 in collaboration with Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, opened directly by Deputy Chancellor III Dr Setiawan Noerdajasakti and Chairman of the AHM Foundation Ahmad Muhibbuddin on Thursday (23/11/2023).

Brawijaya University as the host of SMC 2024 also has a Green Campus, Green Life and Green Future program which is in line with the AHM Foundation event.

On this occasion, the AHM Foundation collaborated with 30 Brawijaya University Safety Riding agents as pioneers of driving safety in the campus environment.

Through SMC 2024 activities, young content creators are challenged to create creative videos lasting one to three minutes.

SMC 2024 also invites young people to compete in short videos on TikTok social media by highlighting the story of a motorcyclist who prioritizes road safety. Participants can take part in short video making competitions using smartphones.

The 2024 SMC creativity competition is divided into several categories, such as pupils, college students and the general public during the period November 2023April 2024.

The entire series of competitions and inspiration classes can be accessed via social media @yayasanahm and YouTube Sahabat Satu Hati. This program has a total prize of tens of millions of rupiah for the winners.

Before starting the competition for creativity in making videos at the SMC 2024 event, participants were equipped with knowledge on how to make short videos that are unique, creative and informative when watched by the audience.

Video making education was delivered by Visual Story Teller & Animation Movie Director Hizkia Subyantoro by discussing tips for making interesting short films.

NCCP SMC 2024 is expected to raise awareness of the importance of driving safety as a form of concern for human life, especially the young generation of Indonesia.

“The nation’s next generation has a big role in echoing the message of safe driving safety in their environment, one of which is through active participation through contemporary communication that is light and easy for them to understand,” explained Ahmad Muhibbuddin.

In this activity, participants have the opportunity to understand more deeply about driving safety through a comprehensive explanation of safe and comfortable motorbike riding techniques both in theory and practice.

Driving safety education was delivered by Astra Honda Safety Riding Lab ambassadors from SMK Muhammadiyah 1 Kepanjen Malang.

To complete understanding, participants received education through practical activities using the Honda Riding Trainer (HRT).

This driving safety trainer is equipped with 120 simulations of dangerous situations with visualization of road routes and signs.

Aims to train drivers’ mental and alertness in controlling speed, driving techniques, as well as sharpening their ability to analyze the risks of danger in driving.

The opening of the 2024 SMC was enlivened by a driving safety talk show which was attended by the Honda Safety Riding Instructor, Head of Sub Unit 1 of Malang City Police Headquarters Ipda Syaiful Husen, SH, and the Talented Miss Indonesia of East Java 2023 Gloria Vicentia Riyadi, S.Pd.

Chairman of the AHM Foundation Ahmad Muhibbuddin together with Head of Sub-unit 1 Malang City Police Headquarters IPDA Syaiful Husen and Brawijaya University Lecturer Hendi Bowoputro accompanied by Safety Riding Instructor Honda Main Dealer PT Mitra Pinasthika Mulia Hari Setiawan held a talk show about driving safety [PT AHM]. AHM Foundation in person consistently continues to develop various programs that support the presence of driving safety and comfort in Indonesia through various programs such as the development of the Safety Riding Lab at SMK Negeri 1 Bulakamba, Brebes, Central Java in September 2023.

Last year, the AHM Foundation also inaugurated the One Education Tourism program Be careful in the Astra Honda Safety Riding Lab which will be carried out in all built Safety Riding Labs. Prior to Brebes, the AHM Foundation inaugurated a Safety Riding Lab at Mitra Industri MM2100 Vocational School Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, in 2017.

A year later, a Safety Riding Lab was built at Walisongo Menes Vocational School, Banten, followed by PABA Binjai Vocational School, North Sumatra, Safety Riding Lab at SMK Muhammadiyah Kepanjen, Malang, East Java and Safety Riding Lab at SMA Negeri Bali Mandara. nbspnb

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