Friday 24 November 2023

Formula E 2024 will not be staged in Jakarta, the first match in Shanghai could be an alternative to watch


How exciting is it to watch Formula E racing? First, of course it brings the audience to a new dimension, because this single seater racing relies on batteries as the main source, not fossil fuels or BBM (fuel oil).

In this championship there is a strategy called Attack Mode, where the mount can boost and go faster. Of course, the consequence is that the electric power in the battery is sucked more quickly.

There are several occasions when racers activate fast mode, marked by a blue marker on their mount. Then look at the leader board, how fast the battery consumption occurs, until the battery drains or runs out, sometimes even a minus number is written.

Hankook as a technical partner and supplier of Hankook iON Race Tire for all teams and drivers competing in Formula E Season 9 [/CNR ukirsari]. Second, if in a city the race is held as a double-header or twice in two days as well as two series , which makes the excitement also double. The reason is that a driver with a winning performance on one day may not necessarily be the champion again the next day, in fact the battery condition can fail so that he loses far from his previous position.

This can be proven at the 2023 Gulavit Formula E ABB FIA World Championship at the Ancol E-Prix International Circuit, Jakarta some time ago.

Mitch Evans, who experienced a DNF (Did Not Finished) on the first day, was able to climb to the third podium on the second day of the race.

Unfortunately, based on ‘s conversation with Hankook as the Formula E racing partner of the ABB FIA World Championship and supplier of Hankook iON Race Tire tires for this championship, electric single seater racing will not be present in Jakarta in 2024.

Signatures of the racing drivers single seater electric vehicle, Formula E 2023 Jakarta round obtained [/CNR ukirsari]. Then, quoted from the Antara news agency, the Formula E race planned to be held on June 8 2024 at the Ancol E-Prix International Circuit was canceled due to the General Election or 2024 Election.

So where should I look to replace watching the canceled Jakarta series?

Formula E ABB FIA World Championship is held in various countries with the concept of a street circuit or city track.

For the Asian series, the city of Shanghai in China will host the Formula E electric racing championship for the first time in May 2024.

The city of Shanghai itself is the headquarters for a number of well-known electric car brands. Including Tesla Incorporation which has CEO Elon Musk.

“It is an honor for Formula E to hold its first race in Shanghai next May,” explained Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E in an official statement.

The top three podium finishers of the ABB Formula E World Championship 2023 Round 10 Jakarta: Jake Dennis (2), Pascal Wehrlein (1), and Maximilian Gunther (3) (3/6/2023) [/CNR ukirsari]. For the series held in Shanghai, China next year, the track is the Shanghai International Circuit with a double-header or two-day championship race format, namely 25-26 May 2024.

The first Formula E race in China was held in Beijing in September 2014. Since then, the country it has hosted seven Formula E races in Sanya City and Hong Kong, and most recently in March 2019. For Shanghai, the event will be premiered next year.

“We will mark ten years of motorsport that continues to break boundaries, including being held in Shanghai in line with China’s achievements as a global leader in the development and adoption of electric vehicles,” continued Jeff Dodds.

Then, Alex Hui, Chairman of the ERT Team as one of the racing contestants, stated that his party was enthusiastic for the next season, where they will race at home or home race.

“As a Chinese team that has been part of the Formula E World Championship since its inception, we are very excited to compete in this home race,” added Alex Hui.

“Everyone in the team has worked hard for the last racing season and for the season to come. Our two drivers, Dan Ticktum and Sérgio Sette Câmara are committed to doing their best for the fans in Shanghai City. They started training in the simulator that maps the challenges of the Shanghai Circuit ,” he said.

The tenth season of Formula E will start in Mexico City on January 13 2024. Before the race, the drivers carried out trials at the Valencia Circuit, Spain a month ago (23-27/11/2023).

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