Friday 24 November 2023

How to Block a Lost Car STNK to Avoid Problems


In some cases, the vehicle owner may have to block the car’s STNK. For example, when you lose your car or have sold the car.

There are several methods you can choose if you want to block the STNK of a car or motorbike. However, what documents are needed to block a STNK.

Requirements for Blocking a Car STNK

The following is a list of documents that need to be prepared to carry out the STNK blocking process.

– Photocopy of KTP or Resident Identification Card from the vehicle owner

– Photocopy of Family Card or Family Card

– If someone else is going to represent you, you need to attach a photocopy of the KTP of the person being represented, as well as prepare a power of attorney signed on a stamp

– Photocopy of STNK/BPKB

– Photocopy of proof of payment or deed/letter of surrender

– Statement letter that you can download via the Samsat website from each region

Why is it necessary to block a car’s STNK?

If the vehicle has been sold or lost, then you need to immediately block the STNK. This needs to be done so that you can avoid progressive taxes for a second or more vehicles.

Apart from that, you will also avoid problems with the electronic ticketing system. The new owner takes care of the tax process to block the car registration.

How to block a STNK is also very easy, you can come directly to the Samsat office or use the online method for some areas.

How to Block a Car STNK through the Samsat Office

The most common way you can do when you intend to block a STNK is to come directly to the Samsat office. Make sure you come to the Samsat office that corresponds to the area of ​​your vehicle, here are the steps:

– Prepare the documents that are required to apply for blocking.

– You will later be asked to go to the section dealing with progressive block.

– Next, you will be asked to fill out a form and sign a ten thousand stamp.

– If you have filled in all the sections, submit the form and all required documents to the officer.

– Wait until your name is called.

– You will receive a photocopy of the form, and it will be given an official stamp.

How to Block a STNK Online

As technology develops, various systems have been synchronized online so that it makes it easier for people to carry out the necessary administrative processes.

One of them is in terms of blocking STNK which can also be done online in several areas. With this facility, administration can be made easier and can be done practically from home.

For people who are lazy about leaving the house, this can be a pretty good solution. Before carrying out the blocking process, don’t forget to prepare the various required documents, according to the previous explanation.

Several areas that already serve this facility are DKI Jakarta and West Java, below is a further explanation of the steps.

If you are a resident of DKI Jakarta Province, then there is a vehicle registration blocking facility that can be done online, here are the steps:

– Visit the website or site to activate.

– After successful activation, you already have an account and can, then you can return to the previous page with the “Login” menu, enter the email and password that was previously created.

– Next, on the homepage, you can select the “PKB” menu on the left.

– Select the “Service” section, then after entering that section select the “Sales Report Request” menu.

– After entering the menu, click the “Submit Sales Report” section, then choose which vehicle you want to block.

– Fill in various required data and upload supporting documents according to the instructions.

– Next, click the “Submit” section then wait until your application is processed by the DKI Jakarta Bapenda.

When it has been approved, there will be a confirmation sent via email, or can be seen in the PKB column.

Things you need to pay attention to are that you need a STNK, BPKB, as well as a letter/deed of delivery or proof of payment if you want to go through this online system. If there are none, then the process cannot be carried out, you should come directly to the Samsat Office to process the blocking.

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