Thursday 23 November 2023

Wuling Binguo EV`s Lifetime Battery Guarantee Turns Out It Could Be Terminated Due to This


WulingBinguo EV is one of Wuling Motors’ flagship products in the electric car segment. Interestingly, the first 1000 Binguo EV buyers will get a lifetime battery guarantee.

However, the Binguo EV battery guarantee can apparently be void if consumers violate several conditions.

Danang Wiratmoko as Product Planning for Wuling Motors, the Binguo EV battery guarantee can be void if consumers violate 7 points. “The 7 points are essentially just for personal use. During the period of use, they are in the first hand. If they have changed hands, the guarantee is no longer valid,” said Danang in South Tangerang, Thursday (23/11/2023).

Danang added that within a year there is also a distance limit of 30,000 km. This is a guarantee if the car is not used for commercial purposes.

Wuling BinguoEV Electric Car Becomes One of the Favorites for GIIAS Bandung 2023 Visitors (/Rahman) Apart from that, Binguo EV owners must also follow the maintenance guidelines from SGMW. During its service life, you must use original components recommended by an official repair shop.

“The guarantee is no longer valid if the car has undergone modifications. As long as it is still under warranty, battery replacement is still free,” stressed Danang.

Apart from batteries, Wuling Motors also provides a lifetime guarantee for motor drives and motor control units. Batteries are known to be one of the most expensive components of an electric car, costing around 60 percent of the vehicle price.

The lifetime battery guarantee is given only to buyers of the Wuling Binguo EV variant with a distance of 410 km. It is known that Binguo is available in two variants, including one with a range of 333 km on one battery charge.

Wuling Binguo EV uses a lithium ferro-phosphate battery with a capacity of 31.9 kWH for the 333 km and 37.9 kWh variants with a range of 410 km. The electric motor of Wuling’s new car produces around 50 kW of power or around 67 HP.

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