Saturday 18 November 2023

Still Wearing Your Seatbelt, Rafael Struick Sends Greetings from the Car: Message to Safety Driving Fans?


Obedience to traffic regulations was demonstrated by Rafael Struick, one of the Indonesian National Team or National Team football players, who in his professional career played for the ADO Den Haag team, the Netherlands.

Some time ago, this player who was born in Leichschendam, Netherlands on March 27 2003 appeared on Instagram social media. Uploaded by an account called sonibanoo, he conveyed a message to a fan. The point is to send greetings and don’t forget to still love your partner. Namely the account owner.

What’s exciting is that this 20 year old soccer player, born to a Dutch father and a Surinamese mother from Semarang, had his video taken while in the car. He was in the Netherlands at that time, maybe he was relaxing or going to training, or maybe he was going to play or compete in football.

Rafael Struick delivered greetings from the car. The seatbelt doesn’t come off [Instagram screenshot/sonibanoo]. At first glance it might seem ordinary, but if you look closely it looks exciting. Whether intentionally or not, Rafael Struick, who suddenly became a favorite among female fans when he played with the Indonesian National Team in Surakarta and Surabaya against Taiwan, ROC and Turkmenistan, appeared to be wearing a seatbelt while in the car.

He looked orderly by not removing his seat belt, the car was stopped, then he spoke and accompanied by his charming smile.

“Hello, this is Rafael Struick, currently in the Netherlands,” he said.

Even though it’s only for a short time, hopefully the scene of Rafael Struick talking in the car cabin with the seat belt still fastened and of course locked and clicking can be an example for his fans about safe driving.

Rafael Struick carried out the citizenship process until he was sworn in as an Indonesian citizen on May 22 2023 with fellow Dutch football player, Ivar Jenner. Then he managed to score a beautiful goal which he scored in the Indonesian National Team vs Taiwan ROC National Team match which took place on September 9 2023 at the Manahan Stadium, Solo.

On one occasion, as broadcast on TikTok, Rafael Struick also succeeded in making netizens hysterical because he spoke in Javanese, even though it was short, namely saying, “Dalem, Sayang,” or meaning, “yes, darling”.

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