Monday 27 November 2023

Batteries Can Cut Fuel Imports by up to 30 Million Barrels


Indonesia can save nearly 30 million barrels per year on fuel imports by developing the battery industry, said President Director of Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC) Toto Nugroho in a Hearing Meeting with Commission VII DPR in Jakarta, Monday (27/11/2023) .

“In terms of reducing fuel imports, we can save almost 30 million barrels per year by using electricity compared to fossil fuels,” said Toto Nugroho.

Toto added that another potential of the electric battery industry is that it can reduce C02 emissions in Indonesia by almost nine million tonnes per year.

“The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) has agreed to develop the battery industry until 2034,” he said.

In the BUMN Ministry’s roadmap regarding the development of the battery industry ecosystem, next year IBC is targeted to be able to produce the first 10 GWh of battery cells for automotives, then charge around 5,000 battery exchange stations.

“Essentially, we want to achieve 13 percent of the new renewable energy (EBT) mix by 2024,” said Toto.

Meanwhile, by 2034, IBC is targeted to be able to produce around 50 GWh of battery cells intended for two-wheeled and four-wheeled electric vehicles, as well as energy storage systems.

“Storage system energy is very important to help with the utilization of EBT,” said Toto as quoted by Antara.

It is known that the Government is targeting Indonesia to become the country with the largest electric vehicle battery industry in the world.

Currently the global automotive industry trend is towards the use of vehicles using electricity-based fuels where one of the important components needed in the production of electric vehicles is the battery.

The main raw materials for electric vehicle batteries are nickel, cobalt, manganese and lithium. Indonesia itself has nickel reserves of 25 percent of the global total.

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