Wednesday 29 November 2023

Jefri Nichol`s Street Kid Style Using a Yamaha RX-King, Bringing 90s Kids to Reminisce


Actor Jefri Nichol recently looked nostalgic while riding the legendary Yamaha RX-King motorbike.

Even Jefri Nichol said that the Yamaha RX-King has become his favorite motorbike and he has no intention of adding another motorbike.

“I don’t want to add more, I think just one, it’s already a favorite,” said Jefri Nichol on Adejigo’s Tiktok account.

Jefri Nichol’s style of riding the Yanaha RX King. (Instagram/Jefrinichol) For Jefri Nichol, the Yamaha RX-King has its own memories. The reason was that he often rode with his father on a motorbike that was once popular at that time.

“It’s the sound. It’s the same as when it was delivered to school by my father (father). It reminds me of the past,” he said. Jefri admitted that he had only had this motorbike for about 1 year. He bought the RX-King in 2004 from his friend and it was ready to use A Glimpse into the History of the Yamaha RX-King

The Yamaha RX-King became one of the motorbikes that was quite popular in the 90s. In fact, it is still loved by old-school motorbike lovers to this day. The following is the history of the Yamaha RX-King in Indonesia.

Actually, the journey for this motorbike was very long, until finally people recognized the name RX-King. Previously, there were several generations that became the forerunners of the current RX-King.

Overall there are around 10 generations of the Yamaha RX which continues to develop until it becomes the RX-king. The first generation was born in 1977 with the name Yamaha RX100. This motorbike can be said to be the ancestor of the current RX-King.

Then the next generations of the Yamaha RX-King were born, starting from the RX125 in 1979, RX-K in 1980, RX-S in 1981, RX-Special and RX-King Cobra in 1983, RX-Z in 85, RX-R in 88, RX-King Master in 96, and New RX-King in 2002.

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