Monday 27 November 2023

Motorcycle Suitability Also Minimizes the Risk of Accidents, Check Out the Benefits of Changing Engine Oil


Motorcycles as mobility support vehicles are required to have good performance. Owners are of course advised not to neglect maintaining this vehicle, so that engine performance continues to be optimal.

Quoted from the official release of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing as received by , a good and roadworthy condition of the motorbike is a must. This is because it is one of the key factors in minimizing the risk of accidents.

So for motorbike owners who want their vehicle to always be in top condition, able to support their daily mobility needs smoothly, the answer is to carry out routine maintenance.

Routine review of motorbike maintenance refers to the vehicle service manual.

One of the recommended forms of routine maintenance, changing engine oil within certain periods and kilometer intervals is an obligation.

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“In some conditions, we still find motorbike owners who neglect to change the oil regularly according to the manufacturer’s service manual,” appealed Agung Budi Raharja, General Manager Part Operation Division, PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing.

By neglecting to replace motorbike engine oil, the performance of the motorbike can be affected.

Where motorbike performance is not optimal, thus disturbing their comfort when driving.

Reflecting on this less than optimal condition, Yamaha feels it is necessary to share information about the benefits of regular oil changes.

“So that motorbike users can be more educated and wiser in maintaining their vehicles,” continued Agung Budi Raharja.

Below is a list of benefits that motorbike users can get if they routinely change their engine oil:

The engine temperature is maintained and motorbike performance is optimal

One of the benefits of regularly changing the oil is that it can continue to maintain engine temperature. Function Lubricant to lubricate various components in the engine aims to minimize excessive heat due to frictional forces when the engine is running. If you forget to change the oil or rarely change the oil, there is a risk that the volume of oil in the engine will decrease, the texture will become runny, and the old oil will become thickly dirty. If you continue to leave it. If the oil is not replaced, the engine’s performance will be disrupted, such as causing a rough sound and overheating problems, which will cause the motor to become less powerful. Engine components are more durable and save on service costs. The engine’s service life becomes longer. The explanation is that the function of oil that lubricates optimally is able to prevent components from wearing out more quickly due to minimal frictional forces, protect them from corrosiveness or rust, and also clean the engine compartment from debris when the engine is working. Service costs are also becomes more economical because the engine is protected from serious damage. Fuel efficient and environmentally friendly

Vehicles that regularly change engine oil have much better performance and traction. With good performance, this results in more efficient gasoline fuel consumption. In addition Therefore, the carbon emissions resulting from vehicles that frequently change their oil are also lower, so indirectly it can be said to be more environmentally friendly. Yamalube at official Yamaha dealers and oil stores trusted by readers.

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