Tuesday 28 November 2023

This is the danger of using the handbrake in traffic jams


In traffic jams, many car drivers use the handbrake to relax. However, using the handbrake in traffic jams turns out to have an adverse impact on safety factors.

According to Sony Susmana, Trainer from Safety Defensive Consultant Indonesia (SDCI), using hand brakes when stuck in traffic or stopping at a red light is an inappropriate decision.

The reason is, this decision will actually make drivers less aware of the surrounding conditions.

Sony said that when using the handbrake, drivers usually feel safer and more relaxed so they can do many things, including relaxing and checking their cellphone.

“Obviously this activity is very dangerous because the driver’s focus is disturbed,” he said, quoted on Wednesday (29/11/2023).

Furthermore, Sony said, red lights are not a good place to relax and do other activities that can reduce concentration. However, while stopping at a red light, drivers must remain alert. Even if you want to relax a little, it’s best to just pull over.

Apart from the focus problem, when the hand brake lever is active, the car doesn’t move. But it’s still dangerous because the brake lights are on.

“If it’s like this, other road users could get the wrong idea and risk causing an accident,” he explained.

Solutions that must be implemented

According to Sony, there is no other way unless the driver remains focused while pressing the brake pedal. That way, the car will not move and the brake lights will come on. As a result, other road users will know if you are braking.

Apart from that, by keeping your foot on the brake pedal, the driver will remain alert to the surrounding conditions, including when the green light is on or when another driver tries to push forward by taking advantage of a narrow space (usually motorbike users) .

Regarding the use of the handbrake, this feature was created specifically to keep the car still when parked on a sloping or uphill path.

“The handbrake can be used when stuck in traffic jams on uphill or downhill roads using the open-close technique,” he concluded.

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