Monday 27 November 2023

IIMS 2024 Present in a Wider Area, Supports the Development of the Indonesian Automotive Industry


Automotive market growth is occurring in various countries in Asia, including the Indonesian automotive industry looking optimistically at entering 2024. Meanwhile, automotive manufacturers continue to invest in innovation and global expansion.

In supporting the development of the automotive industry in Indonesia, Dyandra Panggangndo is holding the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) automotive exhibition on 15-25 February 2024 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta.

IIMS 2024 will use the entire JIExpo Kemayoran area, with a total area of ​​105,000 m2. Halls A & D are fully occupied by participants from the four-wheeled vehicle or passenger car segments.

Wuling Alvez’s appearance at IIMS 2023, JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta [/Manuel Jeghesta Nainggolan]. With the expansion of the exhibition space, IIMS 2024 provides more opportunities for automotive companies to participate, showcase innovative technology, and establish wider business relationships.

Conventional and electric two-wheeled vehicles and their components will be present in the Hall C area. The new Motorsport Zone area will be present in Hall C1. Visitors can enjoy a hands-on experience that covers the evolution of two-wheeled technology from conventional to the latest electric innovations.

Apart from that, visitors can also enjoy the diversity of the automotive supporting industry at IIMS 2024. Apart from two-wheeled vehicles, the Pre Function Hall D area will be the center of attention for visitors who are interested in accessories and aftermarket products.

“IIMS not only provides a forum for product exhibitions, but is also a strategic place to establish business partnerships, pioneer collaborations, and explore new opportunities,” said Daswar Marpaung, President Director of Dyandra Panggangndo, in his statement, Monday (27/11/2023 ).

In the upcoming event, IIMS will present 11 full days of exciting and interesting automotive support programs. All supporting programs can be enjoyed in the outdoor area, JIExpo Kemayoran.

The enthusiasm of visitors at the PT AHM booth at IIMS 2023 [PT AHM]. One of them is the opportunity to test vehicles directly through test drives and test rides at the IIMS Track. The track for the IIMS Track is specially prepared to experience driving with the vehicle of the visitor’s choice.

Several other interesting programs, such as the IIMS Offroad Experience, which is a show to test offroad vehicles in a special arena with challenging terrain. Apart from that, there is also the IIMS Crazy Globe where visitors can enjoy adrenaline-inducing performances as well as various interesting programs presented by the automotive community at IIMS 2024.

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