Wednesday 29 November 2023

Ministry of Industry Vocational Graduates Ready to Attack Automotive Industry Jobs


The Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) continues to support the development of the national automotive industry to make it more innovative and globally competitive. One of the efforts is to provide competent industrial human resources (HR), through the role of vocational education units which have a concentration in the automotive sector.

Head of the Industrial Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMI) of the Ministry of Industry, Masrokhan, said that the performance of the national automotive industry was quite positive.

Based on a report by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), gross domestic product (GDP) at constant prices (ADHK) from the transportation equipment or automotive industry amounted to IDR 55.47 trillion in the third quarter of 2023.

“This value increased by 7.31 % compared to the previous year of IDR 51.69 trillion,” said Masrokhan at the STMI Jakarta Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony, quoted Thursday (30/11/2023).

This year, STMI Jakarta Polytechnic released 385 graduates, consisting of 315 Applied Bachelor graduates and 70 D1 Equivalent Program graduates. Of this number, 66% of graduates had worked before graduation, with a target of 100% of alumni having worked after six months of graduation.

There are four Applied Bachelor majors at STMI Jakarta Polytechnic, namely Automotive Industrial Engineering, Automotive Industrial Information Systems, Automotive Business Administration, and Polymer Chemical Engineering.

This campus provides dual system vocational higher education with a 5-2-1 pattern for all Applied Bachelor programs, namely 5 semesters of study on campus, 2 semesters of study and practice in industry, and 1 semester for the final project.

Meanwhile, the Head of BPSDMI acknowledged that people’s work patterns in the world continue to change along with increasingly rapid technological developments. Therefore, it is hoped that students can adapt quickly.

“Disruption in various sectors demands rapid adaptation with the emergence of jobs that require the mastery of new skills. Continue to adapt to global industrial developments,” he explained.

To improve the quality of vocational education that links and matches with industry, STMI Jakarta Polytechnic continues to strengthen cooperation with industry. In 2023, there will be 64 industries that have partnered with STMI Jakarta Polytechnic. This figure increases from 44 industry partners in 2022.

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