Monday 27 November 2023

There is Binguo EV, Neta: We Still Believe in Neta V


Neta V has received a new challenger since the presence of the Wuling Binguo EV in the IDR 300 million electric car segment. As a new brand, Neta admits that it is confident in the products it has. Neta V.

However, this is actually good for the market where customers can have more choices.

“We ourselves are still confident that our product can compete in the Indonesian EV market, considering that the features and dimensions of the Neta V are still suitable for the needs of the Indonesian people,” said Yusuf Anshori, at the Neta Kelapa Gading Dealer, North Jakarta, Monday ( 11/27/2023).

Test Drive of the Neta V Electric Car. (Photo: /Manuel Jeghesta) Even though the official price has not been announced, the Binguo EV will reportedly be priced at IDR 350 million to IDR 400 million. If you look at this price range, of course the presence of the Binguo EV will be a tough challenger to the Neta V electric car as an IDR 300 million electric car.

Since it was first introduced at GIIAS 2023, Neta V has been offered at a price of IDR 379 million.

Binguo EV

Binguo EV comes with fairly compact dimensions. The length is 3,950 mm, width 1,708 mm, height 1,580 mm, and wheelbase 2,560 mm.

Wuling Binguo EV electric car. (Photo: /Manuel Jeghesta) For power matters, Binguo EV uses LFP batteries with two variants based on mileage, namely 333 km and 410 km.

For the 333 km variant, the battery capacity is 31.9 kWh. Meanwhile, for the 410 km variant, the battery capacity is 37.9 kWh. Each variant is equipped with a 50 kW electric motor. The maximum torque that can be produced reaches 125 Nm.

Neta V

Meanwhile the Neta V electric car has dimensions of 4,070 x 1,690 x 1,540 mm with a ground clearance of 130 mm and is supported by 16 inch rims.

For power matters, Neta V relies on a battery with a capacity of 40.7 kWh which can cover a distance of 384 KM according to NEDC testing standards or according to CLTC testing standards which can also cover a distance of 401 KM. Neta V is capable of producing 70 kW (95 PS) of power and 150 Nm of torque.

That’s the comparison of the Binguo EV and Neta V electric cars with the power capabilities and prices offered.

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