Thursday 30 November 2023

Collaborating with Toyota-Daihatsu-Isuzu-BMW-Peugeot, SEVA Offers So Many New Car Choices


Purchasing a new car is now increasingly simple and efficient, PT Astra Auto Digital with the brand name continues to promote the opportunity to buy a vehicle online or online.

Astra’s digital platform is here to answer the various needs of automotive consumers in the digital era. Of course, it presents a series of superior features to provide the best experience in buying a car without meeting face to face, just choose from each gadget.

Considering that is part of the Astra ecosystem, you can find a series of consumers’ favorite brands that can be selected from the same umbrella, as a form of collaboration with Brand Holder Agents (APM). Namely Toyota, Daihatsu, Isuzu, BMW and Peugeot.

Through this collaboration, SEVA offers guaranteed safety and comfort for its consumers.

Automotive influencer Ridwan Hanif []. Please check out the site and find the most exciting feature, namely car discovery which is ready to provide vehicle recommendations according to consumer desires. The basis is brand preference, type and estimated price that consumers want.

Then for financing services, collaborates with two financing companies in the PT Astra International Tbk ecosystem, namely Astra Credit Company (ACC), and Toyota Astra Finance (TAF).

It doesn’t stop here, vehicle and user insurance support is also available from Astra Insurance. Dealer partners reach more than 100 outlets throughout Indonesia.

Complete services from Astra Insurance can be chosen by consumers who use new cars purchased from Such as Garda Oto for cars, to personal accident insurance entitled Garda Me.

Quoted from the Antara news agency, officially invited Ridwan Hanif, an automotive influencer to convince potential consumers to make four-wheeled vehicle transactions via digital platforms.

According to Ridwan Hanif, the digital platform providing new car products from Astra has many advantages that make the experience of buying a car online easy, safe and comfortable.

“Starting from the car discovery feature which helps consumers to choose their dream car, guaranteed safety with Astra’s excellent service quality, and integration with the complete Astra ecosystem, starting from dealers, financing and insurance companies, everything is there,” explained Ridwan Hanif.

“Why believe it? Because SEVA is from Astra. If it is suitable, just go to the payment. If you want credit, make sure you are able to pay during the installment period. SEVA can help to check the consumer’s financial ability to buy the car they want,” Ridwan Hanif explained. how to shop for a new car online through your account on social media X (Twitter).

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