Tuesday 28 November 2023

Miscellaneous Preparations for Rolling City Touring, Lady Biker Must Be Independent and Skilled in Choosing Oil


In the 2023 Valencia MotoGP Watch Together event with Pertamina Lubricants an exciting talk show was presented. Namely preparing to participate in a tour. Whether long distance touring or just rolling city, aka around town.

This topic was raised because before the viewing event with the results of Francesco Bagnaia becoming first winner, Pertamina Lubricants invited a number of communities to roll thunder from the Gatot Subroto area, South Jakarta.

One of the speakers present was Sintya Mariska, a lady biker and Vespa motorbike user.

He shared experiences for women who want to be active in the automotive sector and take part in various two-wheeled activities. One of his sayings was that everyone, including women, must prepare their own mounts.

Pecco, Francesco Bagnaia’s nickname, has officially become the 2023 Valencia MotoGP champion [/ukirsari] “So don’t be lied to about lubricants or oil, and don’t know anything about your own ride when you go to the workshop,” he explained.

“Women must be able to be independent if they want to explore the world of motorbikes. They must be able to face challenges and enjoy the thrill of riding,” continued Sintya Mariska.

“Apart from having to be familiar with the motorbike you are riding, everything must be prepared carefully. Starting from wearing safety equipment, emergency equipment, route planning, to motorbike maintenance such as checking tires, oil, and making sure the fuel tank is full,” he said.

This statement is accompanied by Aribowo Santosa, Brand SEO (Small Engine Oil) Manager of Pertamina Lubricants, who underlined that riders must check all motorbike components.

“This will help avoid technical problems in the middle of the journey,” he said.

He gave an example of choosing the wrong oil for motorbike touring which has the potential to cause negative impacts. These include increasing engine temperature, lubrication that is not optimal, resulting in excessive friction, faster wear of components in the piston, camshaft and bearings, and overall making the journey uncomfortable.

“Selecting the right oil is a priority for motorbike users and changing oil regularly should become a lifestyle, especially with the high number of motorbike users and motorized activities in Indonesia,” continued Aribowo Santoso.

First Mention: Enduro has an advanced formulation for motorbike durability, designed to provide maximum engine protection, increase fuel efficiency and extend engine life.

“We have eight engine oil variants and one axle oil starting from Enduro 4T, Enduro 4T Sport, Enduro 4T Racing, Enduro Matic Series, to Enduro Gear. All of our oil variants have been adapted to each motorbike engine technology and are intended for each condition streets, even extreme ones,” he explained.

Okky Adams, one of the motorbike modification fans who was present on stage, stated that oil selection is also an important factor in maintaining a modified motorbike.

“We have to know what kind of modifications are being made and pay attention to the engine specifications, then choose oil that suits the conditions of use and modification needs,” said Okky Adams.

He added that the technical specifications of the oil are also important to study. Such as viscosity and additives that provide extra protection for modified engines that may operate at a different performance level than regular motorbikes.

Lalu Raka Pranaya, motovlogger and content creator in the automotive and touring world, from TheJakartaRoads, revealed the importance of understanding the vehicle you are using.

“Pay attention to the specifications of the motorbike, the condition of the road you will be traveling on and don’t forget to check the weather forecast then choose oil that is able to protect the engine from various temperatures up to extremes because the right oil will provide extra protection on long distance trips,” he concluded.

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