Tuesday 28 November 2023

The price of this Ariel Noah helmet is equivalent to a motorbike: What are the features?


Ariel, the famous vocalist of the band Noah, is not only known for his musical talent, but also for his interest in the automotive world.

One aspect that steals attention is the collection which includes exclusive motorbikes and cool helmets.

One of the helmets he often uses is the Nolan N70-2 X, a helmet that is not only stylish but also full of advanced features.

Price Equivalent to a Motorbike

The price of the Nolan N70-2

However, on some e-commerce sites in Indonesia, the price can reach 7 million rupiah.

Although the price is comparable to a used motorbike, this helmet offers a combination of quality, style and high technology.

Nolan Helmet N70-2 motorcyclists who like to ride in various conditions, both on the road and off-road.

2. Removable Chin Guard: Equipped with a removable chin guard, providing additional flexibility to suit the rider’s needs.

3. Mask Compatible Window: The helmet window design is designed to be compatible with mask use, providing extra comfort when riding.

4. Sunscreen with Advanced Vision Protection System: The helmet’s sunscreen is fully adjustable with an automatic retraction system, providing maximum protection against sunlight and bright light.

5. Eight Possible Configurations: This helmet can be set up in eight different configurations with three elements that can be attached or removed as needed.

6. Prepared for N-Com and ESS Communication Systems: This helmet has been prepared for integration with N-Com and ESS (emergency stop signal) communication systems, increasing connectivity and rider safety.

With a combination of advanced features and stylish design, the Nolan N70-2

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