Tuesday 28 November 2023

Thousands of Vehicles Blocked from Buying Subsidized Fuel, Turns Out Fraud Is Also Committed by Gas Stations


PT Pertamina Patra Niaga, Pertamina’s Commercial & Trading subholding, has blocked more than 260,000 motorized vehicles so they can no longer buy subsidized fuel.

This blocking was carried out due to a discrepancy in the vehicle registration number (nopol) data with the data available at the Police Traffic Corps.

“There are 3 reasons why. First, it doesn’t match the traffic police data. Then it is indicated that some of the people are being dropped due to repeated filling in. Then once again, the edited photos that are included in the data submitted are indicated to be fake, so this is what we do,” said President Director of Pertamina Patra Niaga Riva Siahaan at the DPR RI Commission VII Hearing Meeting (RDP), quoted on Tuesday (28/11/2023).

It is known that people who want to get subsidized Diesel and Pertalite fuel must register their vehicles in the MyPertamina application. After registering, the vehicle owner will receive a QR Code for purchasing subsidized fuel oil (BBM).

However, after investigation, there were as many as 228,000 vehicles with vehicle registration numbers not registered with Korlantas. The remaining 32,000 vehicles were also blocked because the vehicles did not match Korlantas data (document falsification), shunting, and several photos indicated that they had been edited.

Gas Station Fraud

Fraud is not only committed by individuals, but also gas station owners. The Pertamina Company, said Riva, also discovered and took action against more than 400 gas stations that were caught misusing Solar and Pertalite.

To deter them, Pertamina stopped supply and imposed a fine of IDR 14.8 billion.

“Supervision together with security forces can carry out punishment or stop supply to more than 400 gas stations with a fine value that we charge to gas stations of IDR 14.8 billion,” he concluded.

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